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Any Mexican restaurants that serve Goat? (Glendale/Burbank)

I remember eating some nice goat roast in Mexico... so wondering if there are any mexican restaurants that make goat dishes...near Glendale / Burbank

Thanks :)

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  1. Off the top of my head I can't think of one that specializes in goat in that neighborhood.

    If your up to a 15 minute drive hit up El Parian just West of the convention center.

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    1. Just in case you don't already know this, birrieria is typically a goat restaurant, small ones are all over town.

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        I was going to say the same thing. They are everywhere in Van Nuys. You may want to try Birreria Mexico on Vanowen near Van Nuys Blvd.....fresh tortillas goat and lamb.

      2. Having been introduced to goat at a Mexican joint in Nashville, of all places, I was surprised at how few we found when we moved out here, and how many served a "birria" made with beef. They had that at the Nashville place, too, but it was clearly for people not up for trying goat. Mrs. O was still carnivorous then and fell for it hard, though she was equally drawn to their luscious menudo.

        Not Glendale but damn close, My Taco on Mission in Highland Park has a birria, but I think it's lamb. But it's good, and cheap. East from Figueroa a few blocks, on the right. Order at counter, all disposable tableware except the eating utensils, no alcohol. I like it anyway, though it has the dreamy ambience of a shabby urban bus station.

        1. There are actually quite a few.

          I would start at Antojitos Guerrero, on York Blvd. (x-street 56 ave.)

          Keep driving down York and you'll bump into quite a few Mexican joints with birria, incl. Taco Riendo.

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            Yes. Good call. One of the places on York that does birria is El Huarache. The whole stretch is a veritable Mexican food wonderland.

          2. In my experience, if you're going to the sort of party/picnic where people are willing to get their fingers messy, and you show up with some of the goat drumsticks from Birreria Jalisco, your popularity at said party goes up roughly 32.7%...

            1. Just a word of warning.

              I used to be obsessed with this dish in LA and like you I had it in Mexico way before the sides of my temples turned grey. The dish is served all over LA in mom and pop mexican joints although I still cannot think of one specifically in Burbank or Glendale. I'm sure there is a place serving the dish in Burbank/Glendale but what I found out is serving it and specializing are two different things.

              As others have said nearby in the Valley, Highland, Boyle anywhere there is a Hispanic community you will find a place that has goat on the menu.

              My Taco is good for a quick fix but yes they serve Lamb not Goat but it's not bad there. Saturday at Huarache Azteca (Highland Park) does a better job then My Taco but My Taco serves it everyday.

              Ok back to the warning....
              So as I would try this dish at many places that served goat but do not specialize in it I would come across the familiar sound of ding In the kitchen which tells me they are heating up the goat in the microwave. So it's something to think about trying goat at random places around town that have it on the menu and don't specialize in it.

              If you do a web search I think there was a goat throw down that ranked the best places to get Birria in LA. The winner was a place in Boyle and there are lot of places that serve and or specialize in the Boyle area.

              There was a place featured on No Reservation that is pretty good but not my favorite in Boyle.
              Sorry, I'm terrible with remembering the names of these places. The atmosphere there is great especially on a weekend. The decor is Freemans before Freeman was Freemans. The interesting thing about this place is the love it or hate it pancake sized tortillas they serve.

              I have tried most of the places on York blvd, most of the places that are popular in Boyle and I still find my favorite place is El Parian. It is consistently good the handmade tortillas are great and there is no microwave heating up your goat. The only thing that drives some people crazy is they serve those funky round tortillas chips at the table. The kind you get at a ballgame with nachos. It took me a second to figure why they would serve such mediocre table chips when the serve really great handmade tortillas. Then when I saw the woman whose sole job was dedicated to making the handmade tortillas it made sense. She could not possibly pump out hand made tortillas just to deep fry and serve table side and also make all the tortillas for the goat dishes. I just wish they changed the chip supplier but it is a small thing to wish for since the birria and handmade tortillas are so good.

              Also if you do end up at El Parian one taco is like ordering two tacos at other places.

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                Aw, come on man, how can you just get one taco at El Parian?? You gotta get the whole order of birria! =D

                In truth, it's the only serious birria I've had. I really need to venture into Boyle Heights to try some others. But man, El Parian's stuff is amazing. The order lasted me several days of goat glory when I had it last.

                I wish there was a late-night birria place. It would be an awesome late-night food.

              2. Oh, how I love goat, especially Mexican style!

                El Huarache Azteca regularly serves birria on weekends (not sure which day). They are located on York Blvd. in Highland Park. Great food.


                It's worth going to on any day, but you may want to call ahead to see which day they'll be serving the birria.

                1. Not any where near the area you're asking about. Birrieria Tlatepaque in south LA on Florence. You can order a whole roasted goat's head and it comes with freshly made tortillas when you place your order and its served with all the fixins. The birria is no joke either.

                  1. There's Birrieria de Don Boni in Boyle Heights, which is not that far from Glendale/Burbank. All they serve is goat! And the place is packed. The broth they serve it with has a very deep, rich flavor...

                    It's the "Number 1" place referred to in this article (although not by name):

                    1. In addition to the birrierias, I believe most of the taquerias in the Vallarta markets have goat birria (some birrias are made with lamb or mutton). The Yelp page for the Vallarta location in Burbank contains a few mentions of Birria, so you might want to try it.

                      1. Vallarta Supermarket No 1
                        13302 Victory Blvd
                        Van Nuys, CA 91401