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Feb 26, 2014 08:59 PM

Peekskill News - Downtown Restaurant Week (thru 3/9/14) improved farmers market?

It's Downtown Peekskill Restaurant Week thru 3/9 (a really poorly advertised promotion, they had it last year and I never even heard about it). Lunch is $15 and dinner is $25. Birdsall House's DPRW menu is on their website. I don't think anyone else has theirs posted, but Gleasons told me that for dinner you get your choice of any appetizer and any entree, and then a dessert. Lunch is less of a selection but the menu works for me so we may try it.

Here's an article about it on Lohud with the list of restaurants.

Note that Zeph's is not participating. For some reason they're not even a member of the Downtown Peekskill BID (business improvement district, I believe). Rather disappointing.

Oh, and Peekskill has brought in someone new to run their Farmers Market with the hope of moving it to Pugsley Park and expanding it. I think that's great, there is no excuse why it cannot be way better than it is, and given that the Yorktown market (which was better than Peekskill's) is very unlikely to ever return, a decent market should be able to draw better than the old one did.

Bonus news: here's an article from a few weeks ago about a guy by the name of Louis Lanza who has run a number of Manhattan restaurants (the article lists Josephina, Josie East and Josie West, Citrus Bar & Grill and Better Burger) and has bought up some properties in Peekskill and is planning to open several restaurants.

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  1. Any idea who will be running the farmers market?

    Interesting story--thanks for the link. I used to go to Josephina pretty frequently; was disappointed when it closed.

    That's a pretty ambitious schedule of new restaurants to open. I hope he understands that, despite rents/ownership costs being lower up here, revenues are lower too. This is certainly one of the issues that Sala in Croton had to face.

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      No.. the email I received said "we've just brought a new Market Manager on board and I'm confident that she is going to really improve and build upon the market in this upcoming season." So I doubt it's something like Community Markets, which runs most of the major markets in the county. I suggested that they bring in Migliorelli Farm since I find they have great stuff at reasonable prices (they were in Yorktown, and Danbury when that market existed, and are in many other places). We'll see if that happens.

      I had emailed a link to the RFP to the woman who ran the Yorktown market but it was too late at that point anyway. What they're trying to do sounds exactly what she had done in Yorktown. Sadly, there was so much negativity from folks who believed that the local Yorktown farms/farm stand needed to be protected (and who refused to participate), that it didn't come back for a second year (although I thought it was busier than Peekskill, and certainly had better merchants).

      1. re: MisterBill2

        There can be remarkably active politics involved in setting up and maintaining farmers' markets, even in small towns.

        And I agree, I'm a big fan of Migliorelli Farms. Nice produce, wide selection, good prices.

        1. re: Elisa515

          Glad to hear I'm not the only one who really likes Migliorelli.

          The people complaining about the Yorktown market were just ridiculous. I'm sure that very few of them had ever been to a farmers market and they made it seem like Karen was out to harm the local farms. Fact is, Meadow Farms is ridiculously expensive and I don't shop there whether there is a farmers market in Yorktown or not. She had gotten around having to get town approval by renting space from the local volunteer fire department, which is independent from the town (which I had not realized). She invited the local farms and farm stands to participate (which would only have increased their visibility and business on the other 6 days of the week), but other than Hilltop Hanover (which is a whole 'nother level of expensive) none of them did. The whole thing still bothers me, as you can tell from my tone (especially since it was way better than Peekskill).