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Feb 26, 2014 08:56 PM

What the heck do I do with smoked oysters?!

My mother in law was staying with us over the holidays and after she left I discovered that I am now the proud owner of a can of smoked oysters. For Christmas Eve she put them out in a bowl with crackers. I was definitely grossed out when I tried them like that, can anyone offer any other ideas as to what to do with them?


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  1. I make a dip with cream cheese thinned with milk or half-and-half, white onion, smoked oysters (remove the oil), and L&P worcestershire sauce. Garlic optional.

    1. Maybe it was the crackers you didn't like? I think smoked oysters, straight from the tin on the end of a fork, are to die for!

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      1. re: Red Oakley

        I so concur. I drain the oil &, straight into the tin, add a good squeeze of fresh lemon & a liberal dash of hot sauce. I am never w/o smoked oysters at my place.

        1. re: Taralli

          Dipping bread in the oil is one of the best parts.

          1. re: JMF

            Always dipped the Ritz crackers in the oil, and sardines too...

      2. They are nice in a salad.

        1. I just eat it over rice. It's a quick meal for a Friday during Lent.

          1. My first thought was put them in a beef pie. Oysters were often put in pies when they were cheap to bulk out the ingredients. I had them in a steak and kidney pudding recently and they were really good.