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What the heck do I do with smoked oysters?!

My mother in law was staying with us over the holidays and after she left I discovered that I am now the proud owner of a can of smoked oysters. For Christmas Eve she put them out in a bowl with crackers. I was definitely grossed out when I tried them like that, can anyone offer any other ideas as to what to do with them?


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  1. I make a dip with cream cheese thinned with milk or half-and-half, white onion, smoked oysters (remove the oil), and L&P worcestershire sauce. Garlic optional.

    1. Maybe it was the crackers you didn't like? I think smoked oysters, straight from the tin on the end of a fork, are to die for!

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        I so concur. I drain the oil &, straight into the tin, add a good squeeze of fresh lemon & a liberal dash of hot sauce. I am never w/o smoked oysters at my place.

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          Dipping bread in the oil is one of the best parts.

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            Always dipped the Ritz crackers in the oil, and sardines too...

      2. They are nice in a salad.

        1. I just eat it over rice. It's a quick meal for a Friday during Lent.

          1. My first thought was put them in a beef pie. Oysters were often put in pies when they were cheap to bulk out the ingredients. I had them in a steak and kidney pudding recently and they were really good.

            1. Sorry but I am of no help at all since I eat them straight out of the can.

              1. then my suggestion of an oyster omelet will gross you right out. :0


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                1. I'm one of those that eats them from the can, with slices of really good artisanal pumpernickel or rich black German or Russian bread.

                  1. they are at once gross and yummy at the same time - which is sort of what makes them awesome

                    a cream cheese dip or smoked oyster stuffing are traditional ways to use them

                    I like to make pasta sauces out of nasty tinned sea creatures - umami all the way - usually just incorporate in to a aglio-olio style dressing but can go in cream or tomato sauce too (yes, its trashy I know)

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                      Plus one for a cream cheese & mayo based dip with bacon, really tasty.

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                        I like them on pasta with aglio-olio dressing too - a great quick late night meal.

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                          A friend of mine puréed them and added them to a red meatball sauce. Serious umami hit with none of the texture issues of having them whole.

                        2. There is a very retro way to use these, probably from the 40s or 50s. Slice a cherry tomato from the bloom end almost to the stem end. Pry open slightly, put a smoked oyster in the tomato, and top with a piped swirl of cream cheese (or just a smear) if desired. A little fresh dill sprig on top is sometimes added.

                          1. We used to love them on buttered crackers until we ate one too many and never felt like looking at another can of them.

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                              I drain them and into a little bowl. Add a few drops of ponzu and lemon juice.

                            2. I have never been able to get past pouncing into them as soon as the tin is opened. A smoked oyster recipe? Novel idea:)

                              1. Oysters are often an ingredient in gumbo. I've never used them but I often use oyster sauce. I don't live where I can get fresh ones - anymore. I've never tried the canned/smoked. Are they very fishy tasting? They'd probably make a great addition to any kind of gumbo. I often use the oyster sauce in chicken gumbo.

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                                  I would think that the texture would be pretty gross in gumbo.

                                2. Its all about the Oyster! Oceans brand meh, if your drinking a bunch of beer and you want to pound back can... but def on the nastier metallic side. The best Ive tried are StJeans and there not packed in oil just there own nectar and they are freaking amazing. Not all oysters are the same.

                                  1. Since they are canned just save them for next year's christmas eve.....!

                                    1. Oyster omelet is good... mix with chopped green onion. If the size gross you out, cut it into small pieces. Also for a zing, add chopped fresh chilli pepper... and it's yummy!

                                      1. lots of good ideas (especially in dressing/stuffing), but one has to admit they ARE an acquired taste.

                                        maybe a variation on rumaki instead of liver.

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                                        1. Love smoked oysters with buttered saltines. I also use them, along with fresh (sauteed), to make oyster stuffing.

                                          1. Whip one cup of heavy/whipping cream until it forms stiff peaks (without breaking). Do not sweeten. Fold in 2 tbs of Dijon mustard, add cracked pepper. Top the smoked oysters with this mixture and serve by themselves, on lettuce leaves or on crackers...

                                            1. super easy, although may not change you being grossed out by them.
                                              Cracker, cream cheese, oyster, siracha, chives (optional)

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                                                If I can ever get past opening the tin and scarfing them all down I would love to try then that way. Cream cheese and chives with a crispy cracker and a smoked oyster sounds divine to me especially with a cold glass of sparkling wine or two.

                                              2. All of these are really good ideas. But have to agree with guy you said topped on a salad - they're great on a good mixed vegie/lettuce salad! Have been eating that since I was a teenager!

                                                1. whole thread on topic, and this was my post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4297...

                                                  This recipe has a mysterious, non-"oystery" savory flavor, Delicious!

                                                  Smoked Oyster Cream Cheese Roll

                                                  16 ounces cream cheese
                                                  2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
                                                  1/8 teaspoon garlic powder
                                                  1/2 small onion, grated
                                                  3 tablespoons mayonnaise
                                                  ⅛ teaspoon salt (or to taste).
                                                  2 cans smoked oysters, well drained and finely chopped
                                                  ¼ cup fresh parsley, chopped

                                                  directions at link.

                                                  1. In _Real Fast Food_, NIgel Slater offers a recipe for what he calls a "savory": a can each of smoked oysters and sardines (both drained), a little butter, lemon, and cayenne. Mash together, spread on toast and stick under the broiler until it bubbles a bit.

                                                    I've made this -- it's really delicious, and a nice tidbit to have in the afternoon with a cocktail or a cup of tea.

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                                                      Never had a canned smoked oyster that wasn't crapy or REALLY crapy.
                                                      If your down to the last thing in the house to eat after a four day power outage open the can, dump it into a small bowl, pour some light soy over it and find something with crunch to eat them with, then quickly go brush your teeth and wash your hands. Other wise give the can away to some one about to have a party.

                                                    2. Wow, thanks for all of the replies on the subject! I think perhaps I will have to start out with a dip of some kind, that seems like something I can chop them up into smaller pieces and not take the full brunt of a mouthful of smoked oyster!

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                                                        I made a few batches of dip with smoked oysters, but I upgraded to poached Willapoint shucked oysters and never looked back.

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                                                          well…yeah…upgrade to poached willapoint oysters….different world, my firend.

                                                          my smoked dip/spread is the way to go with the babies in hand, though ;-).

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                                                          at least eat it with a cracker. I just like a soda cracker (premium plus). Then if your not used to the texture you won't be grossed out. But remember all oysters are not the same.

                                                          1. tooth pick stab:
                                                            green olive then oyster then same size piece cucumber

                                                            one bite appy

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                                                              you know how they say oysters are an aphrodisiac?
                                                              not sure that's true but I love them just outta the can or on a relish platter of vegs,variety of cheeses, pickles, olives and great crackers.

                                                            2. I would put them in a food donation bin.