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Feb 26, 2014 08:02 PM

Are There ANY Quality Hot Sauce Stores In Toronto?

A few years ago, there seemed to be a small boom of hot sauce stores in Toronto, but they all seemed to have closed down.

Does anyone know of any quality hot sauce stores in Toronto? Or any store at all that has a fantastic selection of hot sauces for all kinds of foods, even if they don't just specialize just in hot sauces?



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  1. LOVE the sauces from this company!

    Connected to this place - Cafe con Leche - 1571 Dupont St

    1. There is a good place in Kensington market, not sure what it's called but on the same street as hooked. Was recently in barbados and fell in love with a pepper sauce. I was able to find it in the city there.

      1. Yes? Hi!

        No!? There is not the good hot sauce store in the toronto anymore

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        1. re: Indianguy

          Yes hi, but no we don't need one.

          Hot sauce stores make no meaning when so much good sauce is available everywhere. And on line too.

          Read recommendations, order online, or buy at one of the many good locations.

          PS LOVE your posts ! Original and Rock'in.

        2. Perola's in Kensington is very good and very reasonable.

          1. Canadian Homebrew Supplies, in Brampton, has an excellent selection of hot sauce, as well as the supplies to create your own.