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Feb 26, 2014 06:45 PM

Brunch/Beer Before/After Brooklyn Brewery

Wondering if there is any good places to go for Brunch and good beer bars after we go to Brooklyn Brewery? For Brunch we really like specialty french toasts and pancakes. I'm thinking of going to Bac i& Abbracci for dinner. Then a good beer bar would be nice, especially if they have a pretty good selection and variety of craft beers. We generally like stouts and porters. Thanks!

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  1. For beer bar- Torst. A bit pricey but excellent beer selection.

    1. Reynard fits the bill for brunch.

      1. Are you doing a special reserved tour at Brooklyn Brewery? If not, the basic free tour is really basic. It's ten minutes and then you are in a room and can just buy $5 beers. They encourage food delivery there if you want.

        For beer bars:
        Torst- In Greenpoint. Yeah, bit pricey, but amazing unique beers. Bottle selection is also pretty slammin'.

        Brouwerij Lane- In Greenpoint. Drink-in beer store with great selection and variable and affordable sample sizes. For hardcore beer tourists, I would consider this first two as musts, but they are technically in Greenpoint.

        Dirk the Norseman- Brand new actual brew pub from BL people. Not sure if their in-house brews are online yet but they import some good German stuff. But they are actually planning to brew and serve their own beer on site.

        Mugs Alehouse- Few steps away from Brooklyn Brewery. GREAT craft beer bar- always named in some magazine's top lists. They are doing their annual "Split Thy Skull "Belgian beer festival this weekend (always first weekend in March) if that is when you are going. Definitely worth checking out. They usually pour Belgian imports and plenty of Belgian styled from US.

        Barcade- East side of WIlliamsburg with excellent selection of crafts. One of the best. They also have a sister placed called The Gutter that is an old bowling alley with a decent selection.

        Spuyten Duyvil- In Williamsburg. Pricey place for bottled Belgian and other foreign beers (I like some of the Italian ones they have). Not a great American craft beer destination, but still makes annual lists.

        Breukelen Bier Merchants- In W'burg. Another drink-in retail shop. Usually a decent selection, good location, though I prefer Brouwerij Lane.

        Some other random bars with good beer selections over one dozen or so on tap:

        The Gibson- Usually has stuff from local NY area brewers (Single Cut, Barrier, Sixpoint, Keegan, Peekskill, Capt. Lawerence, etc.). Always have a couple of stouts/ porters.

        Rosamunde Sausage Grill- Nice eclectic selection.

        DBA- Nice eclectic selection.

        The Diamond- In Greenpoint. Not huge selection, but great bar to hang in.

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          What a terrific response. I tip my cap.

          The only thing I can add is that Radegast Hall is worth a visit. They've got a nice selection of German beers on draft and in bottles.

          1. re: Bob Martinez

            Yes, Radegast, Berry Park, and Spritzenhaus are three beer gardens worth mentioning- the later has the best craft selection....I guess we can also mention Lucky Dog, which has a decent selection. However I hate that place for two reasons- the faux dive bar shtick and the fact that it replaced Lenora's Way, which was a really nice bar.

            1. re: Silverjay

              How's Dirk the Norseman? I see it is right near the DIamond which is a bar with a unique selection of beer. Might have to head to Greenpoint this weekend for a mini crawl

              1. re: MVNYC

                Haven't been yet. Waiting to hear that they are tapping their own stuff as most of what they serve is available at Brouwerij Lane already. Have you been to BL?

                1. re: Silverjay

                  I usually stop in if I am in the area which I haven't been to since the summer. Definitely due for a beer and Polish food tour.

                  1. re: Silverjay

                    Hardened veteran of BL...the place has such a great vibe and selection and the staff knows its suds. Even more special when their backyard patio is open for warm-weather imbibing.

                    Get on their weekly e-mail list.