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Nov 11, 2001 10:35 AM

Au Tournant de la Riviere (I owe this report to Jen Kalb!)

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We visited Montreal and its environs for two weeks researching my grandmother's family. Stayed in Chambly, in a welcoming b&b overlooking the river. Booked a dinner at Au Tournant de la Riviere, in nearby Carignan. The resto is in an old barn, converted to a modern restaurant inside. The service was memorable in that it was attentive, but not at all pretentious (perhaps it helped that it was a weekday, only three tables filled, and that I speak French). We had the table d'hote, and they graciously substituted a shellfish course upon request. Foie gras with shiitake, mint sauce, sweet tomato and cornichons was memorable for the flavor combinations. Boeuf aux truffes was served on a bed of wilted spinach. Chocolate souffle with honey ice cream won over a pear tarte with roquefort (but not by much!). The entire meal, with wine, came to $250 (CA). (I'll post more about the rest of our chow trip later. )

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