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Feb 26, 2014 05:46 PM

Butcher Block Restoration

I recently acquired an antique butcher block. It is 18x18x34 and weights 300 lbs. I googled for the restoration instructions and came across the 2008 thread that was very helpful. Loved the pics of Franco's restoration. I hope mine comes out as beautiful. We just got it in the house a couple of hours ago. It is sitting on a dolly in my kiitchen. The legs are a bit wobbly and I have wood glue to use when I insert the legs.
We have no idea how to turn it right side up after the legs have been glued. We are really stumped, we almost didn't get it up the steps:) If anyone could provide a suggestion we'd really appreciate it. Thanks!! Deborah

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    My eyeglasses are at Costco for new I just read that your 300# block was sitting on a DOILY....;-)

    Whoever moved it onto the dolly - invite 'em back for an evening of pizza and Ikeafication. On paper, draw a template including outlines of the proper position of the legs on the floor. Figure out some type of pedestal that can support the block. Put the pedestal on a car jack in the middle of the template. Lift the block onto the pedestal. Jack it up an inch, position the legs beneath after applying glue, using bricks to hold them upright. then lower the jack to bring the block down onto the legs.

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    Get three strong friends, everybody takes a side, lift it into the air, turn it upright and lower it gently onto all fours.