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Feb 26, 2014 04:39 PM

Philly- why so many pizza places and not so many neighborhood bistros in Logan Square?

Just moved back to Phila ( logan square) after a 13 year hiatus in LA and I'm so disappointed that there are 3 pizza places but no place to have a decent meal (within walking distance) and get a drink. Who approves new restaurant applicants? Is there any kind of neighborhood input? Yes, I know the four seasons - but who go there 3x per week? Con Murphy's, maces crossing, etc pretty much only have typical Philly fried food.

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  1. You have to walk a bit to get to decent restaurants. Logan square is about to take off as far as development goes, but it will take two to three years. The new Comcast Tower will drive continued development but that area is more office space currently than living space. The transitionion is a happening but is going to take a while. Public House is decent but not great, Con Murphys and Maces are mediocre at best (and may not be there much longer.). You are better walking closer to Rittenhouse and your options get a lot better.

    1. There is that cluster of places on Callowhill: King of Tandoor, Pizzeria Vetri, Sabrina's, Rose Tattoo Cafe. I've only been to King of Tandoor, though, and that was years ago.

      1. You forgot to mention Friday's.

        I don't know exactly where you are but on the north side you might be able to walk to Pizzeria Vetri, Doma, Belgian Cafe, the places bucket head mentioned. On the south side, Matyson and the strip on the 2000 blocks of Chestnut which has El Rey, a decent Thai place, a decent Korean place, etc. the 2000 block of Sansom has some more upscale places like Melograno and Il Pittore.

        If you wanted to live in walking distance of bistros this is definitely not the neighborhood. Cwdonald is right that the area is seeing heavy development in the years to come and things will probably change.

        If you want to get involved in the neighborhood association, here is their web page:

        Neighborhood orgs do have a say about some zoning changes and liquor licenses.

        1. Fitler Dining Room can't be too far from you.

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            Fitler dining room is really in the Fitler square area.. if you consider Logan square to be 18th and arch, its about 3/4 a mile walk to Fitler dining room.

            Now personally I think a walk to the Rittenhouse area from 18th and Arch is quite doable, others may not.

            Closer you have Dandelion, Village Whiskey Nom Nom Ramen etc as well as all the choices barryg has mentioned. Its all about how far you are willing to walk, which I is further in the warmer weather as there are many great places in the greater Rittenhouse area.

          2. Cherry St. Tavern isn't far.