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Feb 26, 2014 04:37 PM

Steak in Columbus, Ohio

I will be Columbus this weekend for the Arnold Sport Festival. I am getting one meal where I can eat more of what I want rather than what is on my current meal plan for my training. What I am looking for is a really good steak and sweet potatoes and veggies. Where is the best place to find a meal kind of like that? It's going to be dinner Saturday night, HELP! I LOVE steak!

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  1. Aside from the national chains - e.g., Morton's, Ruth's Chris - I really like The Top, an old school local spot which looks like the Rat Pack will be walking in at any moment. complete with a piano bar. The steaks are great, don't know about sweet potatoes.

    1. The Top is a great suggestion. Such a neat place and the food is great. I'd also recommend Hyde Park Grill, a smaller Ohio based chain that has great steaks and wonderful service. They have a few locations but the one in the Short North is probably closest if you're at the Arnold. You will need to make a reservation for either place. I don't think Hyde Park or The Top have sweet potatoes, but I could be wrong.

      1. the top and arnold go together like ham and eggs.