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Feb 26, 2014 03:47 PM

Restaurants with a kitchen view ... for children. Rhode Island

In addition to following the Southern New England board I love checking out the Boston Board. Recently there was a question about bringing young children to restaurants where they would be able to watch chefs in the kitchen. (Tiny Chef) The responses indicated there are several possibilities in the Boston area that would work and I am wondering if there might be restaurants in Rhode Island that would offer the same experience.

Off hand, I can’t think of any place though when I placed an order for a pizza at Fellini’s recently I stood and watched the pizza maker toss the dough. There are other pizza parlors with a view but that’s not what I have in mind. I am thinking of restaurants.

For me eating out is a time to chat and enjoy a wonderful meal not watch someone cook so I have never sought a kitchen-view. There are several youngsters in my life, however, who might enjoy the experience.

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  1. Nick's on Broadway jumps to mind--there's a "bar" (non-alcoholic) in the dining room that looks directly into the open kitchen. I don't think kids would be unwelcome, especially for an early seating. I've seen families with kids at Flan y Ajo in downcity--not a kitchen so much as a toaster and hotplates, but it's pretty engrossing to watch nonetheless. If you get there before opening, you have a good chance of snagging the only four seats in the house. No reservations. Bacaro has a bustling open kitchen upstairs. At Thames Street Kitchen in Newport, interior windows overlook the kitchen. I'm probably missing other options, but nothing else is springing to mind at the moment.

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      Thank you for the suggestions. I had originally thought diners might be the only option but I like that the ones you recommended are all known for their cuisine.