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3 restaurants in Montreal

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  • La Manque Nov 5, 2001 01:05 PM
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I am in Montreal for 3 nights next week. I have booked tables for dinner at L'Express, Les Halles, and Chez Delmo.

Any comments on these three and/or any recommendations that would out do these for general food, ambiance and wine list.

I tried to reserve at Le Passe-Partout, but they are closed on the nights I will be in town.


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  1. We chose Caprices de Nicolas over Les Halles this past summer and were very happy with the decision. It was wonderful and ambiance is lovely. Also take a look at Il Mulino on St. Zotique Est. Absolutely wonderful Italian - we let them plan an antipasto and a pasta "sampler." Main courses were great. Not a misstep at either place.