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Feb 26, 2014 02:40 PM

Anniversary Dinner - Need to Narrow Down

After much thought and reading various reviews I have whittled the vast Vegas dining scene down to 7 places that look good to me and get good reviews. I just need to get that down to 1 for an anniversary dinner in mid-April. If you could pick a "best of" place from just the following list of restaurants what would it be? Really having a hard time picking. Thanks!

The Country Club
Delmonico Steakhouse

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  1. Toss Country Club and Delmonicos.

    Prime is great and beautiful while CUT ever so slightly better but less ambiance. If I were choosing a steakhouse between these two, Prime wins because of the ambiance.

    Sinatra is sometimes off the charts excellent but can stumble.

    Have not been to either Aquaknox or Andres.

    1. + 1 for CUT, - 1 for Prime. CUT is superior but Prime is a better location.

        1. I love CUT!!

          I also love Aquakknox, but it seems that every time we go there, it's really empty. For an anniversary, maybe that's a good thing, but for general dining, I find it depressing. The food is really good, though!!

          1. From among these offerings, I'd say +1 on CUT.