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owl meat / 夜猫子肉

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Is there any place in the Boroughs, I am guessing due to ethnic groups, that may serve owl meat?

The internet is absent of such.

I can only find this: 夜猫子串串香仅售35元 (yemaozi [owl] chuan xiang [skewers] only sell for 35 yuan [35 chinese dollars]


  1. I would say no, owl is a federally protected species....besides it is a meat eater and who wants to eat dead rats that ate wafarin....

    1. You don't poast answers to questions like this on the Internet.

      1. Unless one was on the verge of starvation, I can't imagine the need or desire to eat such a stunningly beautiful raptor.


        1. it's illegal to own an owl, illegal to hunt owls, and, according to fish and game websites, illegal to pick up the carcass of a dead owl that you might stumble across.

          and if you want to call in the real big guns, owl meat is also prohibited under jewish dietary law (so much for that O-B-L-T.

          1. Anyone know if it even tastes good?

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              1. re: sal_acid

                Maybe you are correct.

                I have never eaten a mouse.

              2. re: NYJewboy

                Might go to a Chinese forum for that answer.

                I shall search.

              3. Since it s illegal to own or sell owl meat in the US, we're going to lock this thread.