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Feb 26, 2014 02:10 PM

Suggestion for a meal away from parade routes?

I'm meeting a customer Thursday evening for dinner. We have hit many of the good FQ/CBD places and I'd like a suggestion away from the crowds.
We've been to Ralphs several times and could return if necessary.

We have been to any of the newer Harrison Ave places. I have been to Steak Knife several times but it has probably been 1-2 years.

A recommendation on Mondo or one of the newer ones?

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  1. How about Rue 127 or Redemption for some MidCity fare?

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    1. re: sanglier

      You silver tongued devil, I have reservation for Rue 127.

      I was surprised that there were no Metairie parades so the possible area available did open up.

      I wanted Toup's but another party joined the group so the butcher shop centric menu wouldn't work. Mondo takes no reservation for small parties.

      The menu at Rue 127 looked perfect. Mid City has many places that I like but needs some in the fine dining range. We'll see how this place does.


        1. re: sanglier

          It goes on the list! I recommend it for what it is.

          While I don't know that it is a "destination" place or a place for visitors who are after New Orleans/Creole/Cajun, I think it is a great place for locals to have fine dining in a casual Mid City location.

          Food and service was good. Serving sizes reasonable. Atmosphere similar to other places that have taken over old houses.

          Interesting, the place was half full Thursday night and the median age about 55-60. With so many other choices in Mid City that are cheaper and more casual, younger people may be at the other places.

          Or, everyone young was uptown at parades and only those "bearded in moss" were out to dinner