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Feb 26, 2014 01:51 PM

Red Pepper comes to Worcester

For several years my friends and I have been making the drive from Worcester to Framingham to eat the wonderful Sichuan food at Red Pepper. Now, Red Pepper has come to us! It's the same owners, same menu, and most importantly same quality -- with better service. Just like the Framingham branch, the majority of patrons are Chinese. Order from the "weekly specials" menu (which never changes -- part of the charm) for no-compromises Sichuan food that will light up your life.

Located near Webster Square, where Chopsticks operated for over 30 years.

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  1. Went last weekend. Full restaurant. Almost entirely Chinese-looking folks there with a few white-looking tables who thought it was going to be similar to the old restaurant in that location.

    Had the beef tendon, scallion pancakes, cumin flavored lamb, and sautéed pea leaves. Beef tendon was great but blew out my taste buds for rest of meal. Lamb was good. Greens were just greens -- was hoping for more for $12. We will be returning!

    1. Oh god yes! I am so there, how did I miss this? Happy day!

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        I've been five times in the past two weeks, and haven't had a bad dish yet. There are some special dishes on the white board listed only in Chinese, including a spicy whole fish and a spicy pork shank of some sort.

        I love how their lunch specials are served -- instead of each person getting their own plate with rice and one dish, the dish and rice are served separately to facilitate sharing.

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          I've now been there twice and I find it every bit as good as the Sichuan stuff in Framingham! This makes me so happy, as I have been stuck with the lame Chinese offerings in Worcester ever since changing jobs 2 years ago but no longer...already thinking of my next trip there, I can't get enough of that Kung Bao Chicken!

      2. Thanks for the recommendation. We tried it last night and loved it. We ordered a steamed whole tilapia, which came with a hot chili sauce-fresh and pickled bird chilies. We wanted duck with szechuan peppercorn, so they added some to their duck with ginger. The dish was made from pieces of duck neck, also very spicy and delicious. The staff was very attentive and pleasant.
        We are very happy to have this restaurant in Worcester. Thinking of going back for lunch today!