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Oct 29, 2001 08:41 PM

Montrealers, any restaurant you would trust/know of that caters weddings?

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Next year, we're getting married in Montreal. We're from New York so we know good food, but Montreal is a city we love and figured it would be a wonderful place to marry.

Anyway, we've never had good wedding food in our lives - who among us often has? So, we were thinking of having a Montreal restaurant do the catering, if any do. Oddly enough, we were thinking of some sort of Asian cuisine presented at our wedding in a haute cuisine fashion. Thai is our favorite food by far. This past weekend we were in Montreal and tested out Chao Phraya. Not only do they not do parties, the food was, well, not very good.

Any other Thai suggestions? Or Malaysian? We're not going to do Chinese - too lowbrow however much we love it - hard for it to be received as elegant no matter how you package it. We also don't love Vietnamese.


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  1. We have had a few really good meals at the elegant Red Thai. It's not the most authentic place in town but it's quite stylish. We are also NYers that were in town this past weekend and wild about the idea of getting married in Montreal but we'll have to wait until we renew our vows or something. Before we were married we always watched in awe in the Asian Garden at the Botanic Gardens as there are always lovely wedding ceremonies taking place there.

    So if it's warm when you go(I think there is one week in August that it's warm there!) Why not do the vows and photos there and then drive to St. Laurent for some Thai food. I would avoid the larger fancy Thai (Thai Grill maybe?) place further up St. Laurent the food is not as good as Red Thai and it's more expensive. Also the Thai veget. place ChuChai was rather nice as a side note but I'd think the food wouldn't go over well for a large group.

    Best of luck.

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      Thank you so much, Frank - yes, we had read Red Thai was excellent, but that was from folks in Montreal who had never had Thai food outside the city. We're going to try it next time we're in the city preparing for the big event.

      Again, thank you :-)

      1. re: NewYorkerinMontreal

        I would probably trust Montrealers (depending on who they are) for authentic thai recommendations more than I would New Yorkers. Or maybe it's just the Montrealais I know and the New Yorkers I know. :-)

        1. re: Sam Lisi

          Well I won't say that Red Thai is truly authentic by any means. They do show a great balance of flavor and aren't afraid to get spicy without leaning on the sweet. Unlike many other Thai places. The best Thai food I've had is in Canada for sure(Montri's in Vancouver). Even that is Montri's own interpretation of Classics using local ingredients.