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Feb 26, 2014 12:09 PM

Borough Furnace Skillets?

Ok...I will be the first to admit it. I am a cookware addict. I like good cookware.

I grew intrigued by a project on Kickstarter for a start up firm that wanted to make cast iron skillets out of recycled iron in Syracuse NY. I didn't bite, but then I started to read some blurbs about them and became interested.

Well, it took me a while but I finally managed to score one, and it is on its way. (They are a hand made, limited production, so they only make a few per week).

Does anyone else have one or know someone who does? I am interested to see what some of you think.

I will give a full report when mine arrives.

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  1. Hi Wabi - I am a cookware junkie too and CI is my drug of choice - so I was very intrigued by your post. I also love small artisan industry too so the idea strikes a lot of chords. The whole concept is exciting. The skillets look really nice stylistically they are definitely a modern design and not retro reproductions - cool.

    The two things I don't love are the fact that they are not machining the iron - while I can see the appeal of a more rough hewn natural aesthetic the machined surface is something I like about the vintage stuff that is just not done anymore

    and the price point $280 for a skillet seems high to me but maybe there is a benefit to positioning yourself as such a luxury item.

    I hope they are successful and hope someone buys me one for xmas because I wont pay that myself

    please do report back I am curious how you like it when you get it in your hands.

    1. Well the USPS tracking website says it should be here on Monday...I'll let you all know what I think once it arrives.

      1. $280 seems obscene. I'm as addicted as anyone (today I made æbleskivers for the first time ever because I now own not one but two æbleskiver pans - a Griswold & a Jøtul...)

        I probably have 20+ pieces that all together didn't cost $280... Of course the time and effort put into restoration is something else altogether...

        1. this fall, i scored a pan from AB&I foundry which is a west coast foundry. it is also made from recycled iron, and beautifully machined. It cost me something like $50 because it's so big - 14". got it at the antiques show, perfectly cleaned and seasoned. really a beauty. contacted the company and they said they made these for a short time, and they were a complete set from small to large. someday, i will hope to find more!

          1. Then Finex skillet has a machined surface and a much nicer handle for a lot less money. Still not cheap at $195 and there is a few more weeks of waiting.

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            1. re: Alpncook

              That handle will be a nightmare to clean though.

              1. re: Sirrith

                Not to mention the possible replacing of a hexagonal lid.