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Feb 26, 2014 11:54 AM

Electric Pressure Cooker Used By Jacques Pepin

I was watching his Fast Food My Way show with his daughter Claudine. He was making a lamb stew in an electric pressure cooker but I couldn't see what brand it was. I waited until the end of the show but the credits went by too fast for me to see what it was. Does anyone happen to know the brand it was? Thanks for any help. This one sound safer than the stove top type.

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  1. The stove top types have a higher pressure, and temperature and are just as safe. You are behind the times.

    1. It looks like Cuisinart is a sponsor, so it's probably theirs.

      1. Just FYI , modern stovetop PCs are very safe.

        1. DH got a wild hair and bought a Cuisinart electric pressure cooker at Costco. I've made some dishes, but the old pressure cooker stories tend to make me meeker than I otherwise would be. but most of what I made was very good, the exception was lamb shanks, I think the old long slow braise is stil the winner there But beans turn out reliably great so far. And the corned beef was done in a lot shorter time.