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Feb 26, 2014 11:02 AM

How do my plans sound to you?

I am heading back to Atlanta in a couple of weeks. I was there last year and had some very nice dinners at Lunacy Black Market, The Optimist and Abattoir.

This year I wanted to try some different places. I have three nights, no car, staying downtown near the GWCC. Also, I am female and will be dining/traveling alone.

I currently have dinner reservations at the Iberian Pig, Boccalupo and Abattoir. I can't go wild with my spending -- probably around $50 for dinner -- with tax and tip. I like all sorts of food. I was considering King & Duke, Cakes and Ale or Leon's Full Service instead of a return trip to Abattoir. I am looking for places I can get to without a high price cab trip -- or someplace I can get to by Marta.

How do my choices sound? Any other places you would recommend?

I am also thinking of going to the Buford Highway Farmer's Market and Supermercado Chicago on the one day I have some free time to myself.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. King and Duke, cakes and ale, and Leon's. yes, yes, and yes.
    If you focus on Decatur, MARTA will take you right there. Also you should try 246.
    One night take MARTA to midtown and try Empire State South and/or Ecco.

    1. Excellent choices -- three of my favourites. You might also consider The General Muir or Holeman and Finch, excellent and a bit cheaper....

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      1. re: SJMDownunder

        Unfortunately, either would be a bit of a challenge to get to without a car.

        Of 246, Leon's and Iberian Pig, Iberian Pig is probably my least favorite. It's very hard to go wrong in downtown Decatur.

        OP could always do Zipcar from downtown to get to BHFM or YDFM (or Holeman/General Muir I suppose). I'm not sure I totally get the attraction of the Chicago market unless you're getting something special from the lunch counter in back. The BHFM will likely have everything it has x10.

        1. re: ted

          Hi Ted! I was told to go to Chicago Supermercado for the tacos. Since Chicago Super and BHFM are both on the same road (I think) I thought I could hit both of them.

          I think I am going to replace Abbatoir with one of the other choices. So as of now, I have Iberian Pig and Boccalupo planned for. I just have to decide between Leon's, Cakes & Ale and King & Duke for the last dinner. Unless of course I confuse myself further and add another option.

          1. re: Disneyfreak

            Now I get it. If you're driving, El Rey Del Taco also is very good and nearby the Chicago market.

            Leon's is wonderful, but it aspires to less grandeur than either of the other two. Not to push you either way, just so you know. For us, C&A or K&D would be more of a date night meal. I'll go to Leon's any night of the week.

            1. re: ted

              Hi Ted,

              No driving for me -- I will be taking the bus -- Marta it is. Have you been to Buccalupo?

              I wish I had more time in Atl - or that I was better at making decisions.

              1. re: Disneyfreak

                We went to Buccalupo soon after it opened and really enjoyed it. Haven't been back.

                1. re: Disneyfreak

                  We have been a few times, and it might be our favourite on your list. The starters, pastas, mains, and cocktail program are all outstanding at a very reasonable price.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I'd recommend Gunshow - as a single you can sit at the kitchen counter and watch the chefs prepare their indiviual dishes - they each bring them around the room and you order what you want and pass on what doesn't strike your fancy - and a decent beer and wine list. Right off a Marta bus line.too.

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            1. re: Enfielder

              How are the prices at Gunshow? The website doesn't contain any price information and on my company tab I can't be surprised.

              1. re: Disneyfreak

                If you want to leave not hungry, it can be expensive. They serve all small plates and it adds up quickly. Don't remember exact prices but it was expensive.
                If I were alone I would much rather go to Decatur over Glenwood Park (where Gunshow is). So much more to eat and more people walking around in Decatur.

                1. re: rcburli

                  I agree that Decatur has many more options - I just liked the food and the concept at Gunshow - I had 5 dishes, a cocktail, and a beer, it cost me about $80 including tip.

                  1. re: Enfielder

                    Another thought- we went to Pinewood Tippling Room a few weeks ago after a show at Eddie's. Just had a cocktail and an app or two but really enjoyed it. My wife saw they have a deal up on Scoutmob and bought it. Your $80 Gunshow reference made me think of it b/c it was only $75 for two.

            2. Also near Boccalupo and a tad bit closer to the MARTA station - One Eared Stag - the Monday night fried chicken is a great bargain.

              I also recommend Decatur - C&A, Paper Plane, Kimball House and Leon's