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Feb 26, 2014 10:25 AM

what happened to Senderens?

looks like it lost its stars completely ;-(
haven't been in ages,but was planning to when we're in paris this summer

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  1. oops--left the 'd' out;should be SENDERENS

    1. Well, as the historians of the scene here in Paris can recall better than I/me, M. Senderens, almost 10 years ago, at 65 (Yikes, he's younger than I am) announced that he was no longer going to run a macaron-type restaurant which he felt he could not do standing, etc 15 hours a day at his age
      and he said he wanted to convert Lucas-Carton-Senderens into a tri-partite thing; downstairs would be a veggie-inclined fresh product blah blah blah brasserie but it never seemed to get there for me; upstairs would be more relaxed and was rather good I thought; but the bar, well I don't "do" bars and cocktails.
      Then he did some goofy things at Mama Shelter in the 19th.
      Alain Senderens was the real thing in the last century? - who can ever forget L’Archestrate? - bless him, he deserves his accolaides, his rest and his willingness to relinguish his macarons. There are a lotta other chefs I wish would go quietly out to pasture.
      But Pretzel: don't worry, there's still food here, and wonderful chefs and interesting ingredients.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        thanks so much,john. am already salivating at the thought of a FULL WEEK! went to piege last time and loved it,have been trying to get to astrance forever,but it's always booked,and would greatly appreciate your thoughts

        1. re: apretzel

          My advice is already fully available here.

      2. Good thing. That place was lame.

        1. It's been quite the feuilleton about Senderens handing over the place, but it's done now (since last summer), and my understanding is the cooking is now dealt with by Potel & Chabot.

          So, it's no suprise that Michelin took the stars away since they're not insulting Monsieur Senderens anymore, who basically officially retired (not that he had been cooking for decades, mind you) and the place essentially changed ownership.

          For the record that no one cares about, it had become quite meh after the first year of the "no stars left behind" transformation. But that first year, when Frédéric Robert was running the kitchen, offered exceptionnal food and wine at prices that were not that friendly after all but were half of what they had been at Lucas-Carton for comparable food.

          I miss this food so much. Sob.

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          1. re: souphie

            No longer run by Potel et Chabot, who had a temporary contract. Not sure what is happening now.

            1. re: souphie

              thanks,and agree completely about missing the food