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Feb 26, 2014 09:34 AM

Excalibur dehydrator wobbly on/off switch

Quick question for you guys. I was really surprised at how wobbly the turn switch is. I mean it's not horrible, mind you, but when it's at the "off" position, I have noticeable movement when I wiggle it right to left. And when I actually turn it, it feels like it's at that stage where, in due time, it'll break.

I figured since this is considered one of (if not the) best dehydrators on the market, that the switch would have a really smooth glide from 95 to 155 degrees. But this thing feels like something that would be on a child's toy. If this is the way it is, fine, but I thought I'd ask some of you just to make sure.

Did I wind up with a defected knob or are they all that way?

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    1. i have a really old excalibur - mine has an on/off on the electrical cord, and a thermostat on the unit itself. is this how yours is set up (because i am confused if you are talking about the thermostat or the on/off)

      my on/off is a switch that has a definite "click" for on or off.
      my thermostat just moves without any tension from one temp to the other - no noise, no resistance.

      does that help?

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      1. re: rmarisco

        Hi rmarisco. Thanks for your response, but no, the knob I'm talking about actually turns. I've uploaded a picture with a "perfectly"-drawn arrow pointing to the piece I'm talking about, for you or anyone else that may want to chime in on this.

        I'd really like to know, so that I can return the dehydrator if it's in fact broken or defected.

        1. re: SpencerTracy

          sorry - i was out for a couple of days. good that you called the company - mine is not wobbly.

          if they are anything like they used to be, their customer service is top notch and they will help!

          1. re: rmarisco

            Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

            And yes, rep. was really nice and attentive and sent that piece out without question. First experience with them was definitely good.

        1. I'd call or email them about it. Mine isn't like that.

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          1. re: rasputina

            Thanks, Ras. Good to know. I called them earlier today. They're sending me a new knob, so I'll see if that solves the issue.

            The one that came with the dehydrator has this gunk (some kind of glue or melted plastic) on the inside of the cap, which may be affecting the way it sits on the metal rod within the machine. So if that doesn't work (which I assume would point an internal issue), I'll just return the entire unit for a replacement.