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Feb 26, 2014 07:56 AM

Where and/or how do you store your knives?

Mine are on a magnetic strip on a wall. I've often wondered how anyone likes their knives in a drawer that's custom fit for knives. Or, I've seen in pictures where the knives are stored blade side down, IN the island, some sort of material (a spongy substance?) that's inserted into the granite. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. Maybe I can get some help here.

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  1. Just this past fall we hung a magnetic strip on the wall and we love it! Wish I had done it 40 years ago! It works for us in the space we have, close to prep area and sink.

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      Once I installed the magnetic strips I could not even fathom how I got along without them.

    2. In my kitchen there's a knife block and a magnetic strip. Everyone is allowed to use the knives in the block, but the knives on the magnet are reserved for my use only.

      For what it is worth, I wash my knives and put them up immediately after use. Other people don't always do this.

      When we remodeled the kitchen, the designer suggested a drawer insert for knife storage, but when we checked the dimensions it was suitable for only a narrow range of sizes, and for only a few knives. It might work for you, though, if you want to give up a drawer. Amazon has them for less than the custom-made prices.

      1. I have a magnetic strip that gets almost all of our high quality knives. We have a handful of the Kuhn Rikon knives that come with their own sleeves that we keep in a drawer and then I have one of these universal knife blocks to hold the three knives I use most often and keep them right next to my cutting board.

        1. Hi, Chloe:

          At various houses, I have: (a) in-drawer tray/block; (b) countertop block; and (c) wall-mount magnetic strip. I've grown to prefer the in-drawer for reasons of cleanliness.

          I think you are referring to the "Kapoosh"-style block with plastic filaments.


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            Kaleo, I knew it had a name, but never dreamed it was "Kapoosh". lol! Thanks!

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              Partial to drawer blocks of late too, takes up less counter space and safer.

              1. re: Sgee

                I have a knife drawer as well. Unfortunately the one I have is such that the big knives tilt back so that the point in front sticks up above the knife groove. It needs a lip on the front edge to balance the knife.

                Even so, it's much better than anything else I've had. I like not having to waste counter space.

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                  I have something similar and overall I'm pretty happy with it. It protects my knives, it is safer, I really don't have room on my counter for a knife block and no good location for a magnetic strip.

              2. For the last 20 years, the knives here have been in a block (with horizontally oriented slots) that's a step or two away from the prep area.

                But about a month ago I took a hard look at how I work in the kitchen with an eye to figuring out at least one change that would make the setup more efficient. It quickly became clear that the chef's knife -- the most-used by far -- should move to the prep area.

                Ideally, the knife would be on a magnetic holder on the wall, with its handle right where my hand reaches for it when standing at the cutting board. But I don't yet have that magnetic holder, and it's going to take a little figuring and DIY to get one that's right for the space.

                Until then, the chef's knife is in the top drawer under the prep counter, in its silicon travel sleeve (to prevent damage to it or anyone who reached into the drawer for something else). I thought I'd hate having to open the drawer _and_ remove it from the protector to get at the knife, extra motions that might almost cancel out the saved steps. But in fact it's much better than the old location.

                ... yet still inefficient enough to keep me motivated to get a magnetic strip in place! Another plus will be that my second-most-used knife, a small serrated utility knife, can join the chef's knife there.
                So for the "where" of storage, I strongly encourage focusing on the area reachable from where you stand when using your main knife or two. "How" has many more good answers.