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Feb 26, 2014 07:38 AM

Ming Court & Seventh Son dim sum vs. dinner?

I've tried to search through the board to get an answer to these questions, but I'm hoping to go to Ming Court and Seventh Son at some point April 1-7. I'm coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, and I haven't been able to explore the HK restaurant scene in a while.

I've heard the dim sum at Ming Court is very good, but should I even consider the dinner instead? Or do both? Also, is the dim sum better or is there more variety on the weekend?

Similarly, how's the dim sum at Seventh Son stack up to Ming Court or Tin Lung Heen/Lung King Heen?

Or would I still be better off at one of the old Fook Lam Moon locations for dim sum or dinner? I've heard about the family split/lawsuit, but Seventh Son seems to be getting better reviews recently—though I acknowledge that it could just be the 'hot new place.'

Also, any recommendations on particularly unique private kitchens/clubs? I've been able to eat out in Europe and Chicago/New York a fair bit, so I would be more interested in chefs who are doing something more Chinese (modernist is ok, though I haven't heard good things about Bo Innovation/London).

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