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Feb 26, 2014 06:46 AM

Gonna be in Columbus, Ohio Thursday 'till Sunday. What's great, fun

interesting, New, cutting edge? Interesting selection of wine by glass important as well.

Eat all cuisines, so really no worries there.

Also, if there are any classic or iconic Columbus places....I'm all ears because I'm going to either dining small group, or large group depending on the evening.....


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  1. Last time I was in Columbus, I noticed there were an unusual number of food trucks. I stopped at this one, which has possibly the ultimate example of fusion cuisine—Cincinnati beef rendang (Indonesian beef rendang served on spaghetti).

    1. G. Michael's and Lindey's in German Village and Deepwood near the arena are all great choices for higher-end dining. Lindey's I would consider a classic. The Thurman in German village is famous for their giant Thurman burgers and has been on quite a few TV shows. Jeni's ice cream and Pistacia Vera are local dessert stars. As far as new, Wolf's Ridge Brewing is fairly new and a very cool space. I thought the portions were pretty small but the food was good. The Sycamore in German Village is an old bar that has a new owner and really good food. It may be mobbed because they don't take reservations. Harvest Pizza in German Village is highly recommended and they have a bar called Curio next door.