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Feb 26, 2014 06:32 AM

Butcher for skin on pork belly?

Hello and thanks in advance

I am making a Porchetta roast in the near future and found this amazing recipe for a pork shoulder wrapped in a pork belly. It is supposed to yield the crispiest cracklings ever and I am dying to try it. The recipe calls for a 4 to 5 pound piece of pork belly with skin. Any recommendations for a source?

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  1. well, depends where you live? i have no trouble buying it at local asian markets, but my area has lots of those. i can usually get it at my local "regular" grocer too.

    do you have good butchers in your area? if so, then yeah, ask there.

    many "butchers" don't do much actual butchering anymore.

    1. I made porchetta for Christmas and despite asking whether the belly had skin on when we came to prepare it there was no skin. So don't buy it from Wholefoods! When I went back after Christmas and asked a different person thy said that their pork belly arrives in store with the skin off.

      I finally got some from a proper old school butcher this weekend. I had no idea pork belly with the skin would be so hard to source!

      1. feh, don't know how i missed this was on my local board? lol.

        whole foods does very little actual butchering.

        i'd make a request at mf dulock and/or sulmona.

        1. Whole Foods has it often.

          1. i've definitely gotten skin on pork belly at whole foods before though i'm sure it's more expensive than at an asian market.