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Feb 26, 2014 06:06 AM

Looking for dining spots in Munich

Traveling in May to Munich for a few days. I'm looking for non-traditional places mainly within walking distance drom altstadt/stachus areas but can travel a few tram stops as well.
I'm trying to keep budget for starter+main at no more than 50 euro a head for dinner.
Thanks in advance to all repliers.

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  1. Non-traditional as in non-Bavarian? You should be fine with 50 EUR per head for starter & main in most places.

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    1. re: Behemoth

      You got it right.
      Any recommendations ?

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        Well, non-Bavarian is kind of a broad category. Right in Altstadt you could try L&I on Ledererstr., which is a wine bar with food. There's also the Japanese place Emiko in the Luis hotel at Viktualienmart, Brenner's, which people here have recommended a lot, behind the opera. On the higher end Katzelmacher is one of the best Italian places in town, across from the Mandarin oriental. Milagros at Viktualienmarkt is very good Mexican. These are all upper midrange within your price limit but obviously there are cheaper options. I'm also ignoring all the more modern or upscale German places, but if that's acceptable you could also try Zum Alten Markt at Viktualienmarkt.