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Feb 26, 2014 03:50 AM

Simple good places in porte maillot area ?

A friend gone stay there, not the most central area :-) I'm gatlhering for him some names from the 17th, like La petit champerret and Le verre Moutarde, would be glad to get opinion on those, and also other options in that area for restaurants, bakeries and interesting foodie related goodies :-) Thanks a lot..

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  1. I and especially my wife, like Le Verre but it's not really next door to the Congres Centre -
    My favorite is MBC, Choukroun's newest venture but also not next door.
    Sunday I ate across the street at the Meridien's Steakhouse called Ma Chere et Tendre which is OK if forced to eat near there.
    I would urge him not to go to the Maison de Charly where they have a bad attitude.

    1. There's always old, classic Relais de Venise for simple steak (sliced and sauced) / frites. Not haute cuisine, but perhaps something everyone should do at least once.

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        For good and simple, definitely Le Relais de Venise, I'll take that over "haute cuisine" any day.
        Haute-er, more elaborate but still pretty earthy: Caïus.

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          The question is what does your friend want because I walked by the Ballon des Ternes Sunday and the shellfish outside looked mighty good. (My meals there while in the distant past have been too.)

      2. Foodie fab:
        Caius on the rue Armaillé in the 17th... undoubtedly the best foodie/ modern French option in a 10-minute walking radius of the Porte de Maillot... terrific value no-supplement 42 € "menu" for lunch or dinner... closed Sat + Sun.

        Hanging-out fab:
        1) La Maison on the place Saint-Ferdinand in the 17th... the locals' fave... surprisingly good but not mindblowing brasserie/ café trad grub... lovely terrace on a lovely "place"... continuous hours from 7am to midnight so good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, apéros, or just a coffee;
        2) Le Paris-Neuilly on the place Parmentier in Neuilly... one of the prime hangout café-brasseries in very upmarket Neuilly.... great terrace in a very charming neighbourhood... continuous hours from 7am to 9pm.

        Fish fab:
        Le Jarrasse on the avenue Madrid near métro Pont de Neuilly in Neuilly... a seafood outpost of multi-star celebrity chef Michel Rostang... awesomely good but pricey seafood platters... also "budget" menu for 42 € during the week and 58 € at weekends... open 7/7... a 2-km walk from the Porte Maillot but less than 5 mins by taxi or just a few mins more by bus or direct-line métro.

        1. thanks a lot for all the info and suggestions :-)