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Feb 25, 2014 10:29 PM

Good Eats In Colorado

Hello fellow foodies, Im coming out to Colorado from NY, Ive never been to Colorado and Im going to be there for a week. Im staying a few days in Idaho Springs and a few days in Gunnison, before finally having plenty of time to kill before leaving from Denver Intl. Do you guys have any good places to suggest getting some killer and inexpensive eats for me and my buddy in those 3 areas???

We eat anything, and would always be open to try Colorado's known foods (whatever they may be)

Thanks again guys!!!

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  1. Beau Jo's pizza in Idaho Springs is an iconic apre-ski tradition.

    1. Tommyknocker brewery in Idaho Springs is pretty great- Their Nut Brown and Butthead Bock are not to be missed.

      1. Coming from a big city (LA/NY/Tokyo) I found Denver area to be pretty underwhelming for food. There's not a whole lot that another city can do better. However, there are two things that I find Colorado does very well; microbrews and farm to table. The local farm vegetables and meats are amazing here. I think better than CA or any other farm driven areas. so if you do pick a restaurant you'll probably do well if they have local beer and foods made with local seasonal ingredients.

        I've never been to Gunnison so I can't speak to that area. I've been to Idaho Springs to BeauJo's. I was truly disappointed in the pizza but I was told I ordered the wrong thing. Keep it simple and lots of cheese next time is what I was told.

        At the airport, there are several good options. I think Root Down is pretty good. I've never been to Elways at the airport but they have good steaks. Good Luck.

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          Yeah, Beau Jo's is an "institution" but not because it has great pizza. I agree that CO does great beer and farm to table stuff. There is some other great food here (Neapolitan pizza, for ex), but nothing that can't be had elsewhere. I don't know Idaho Springs well (though breakfast burritos at 2 Brothers Deli are huge and good), and Gunnison not at all. The airport has had a bunch of new openings, so it's changing a lot (Root Down and Elways are just 2 of the new/good options). I know ModMarket just opened, and they are very good fast casual. Also, check out this article: Bottom line is that the food at the airport can be pretty good, and is much better than anything you will find anywhere near (but outside) the airport.

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            The other thing that's great about CO are the prices. From steaks at Elways to some of the nicer restaurants, the bill is a bit cheaper than it would be than other major cities. Probably one of the best airport foods that i've had in the US besides SF.

        2. I don't know if you've been on your trip yet, but I take back what I said about Beaujo's. You see, I've only been to the one is Boulder when I had written my response. I also ordered "wrong" if that makes any sense. The first time, I got a pie with low fat cheese and tried to make it healthy. Wrong move. I've learned that you need pepperoni and order a decadent pie.

          So far we've stopped at the one in Idaho Springs after skiing and each time we've had a pretty good meal. It's a colorado pie so you have to drop all NY/Chicago expectations. It's different but good for what it is.