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Feb 25, 2014 09:14 PM

The big stock debate

I won't let bones go to waste. Any time I roast or bake, or even braise, I will save the bones and make a stock. So, last night, I slow cooked a chicken for "pulled chicken" and of course, save the bones, but my BF said, there is no point in making stock with bones that have been slow cooked. Really!! He says all the good stuff has already been cooked out,. So, is this TRUE!! It seems the stock I've made have in the past have been flavorful.

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  1. This reminds me of the turkey carcass thread. For me it is a matter of freezer space. I have to prioritize, and bones from uncooked proteins bump those from already cooked proteins.

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      I was going to mention that thread as well. It's probably worth a read for the OP.

    2. I would think your last sentence seals the deal. I think that there is still plenty of goodness left in those bones.

      1. IME, it's not worth the time and BTUs to make a stock entirely from cooked bones. Yes, you can coax some flavor out of them, though the vegetables get plenty of the credit. But if you want something with enough flavor to hold its own as the only liquid in a soup, you're not getting much volume by the time you reduce the stock enough to taste good as soup without additional meat ingredients. I also find that the color of bone-only stock is rather gray and unappetizing.

        Much better to add some raw meaty bones, skin, cartilage, gristle, and actual meat to the cooked bones in the stockpot.

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          I wouldn't bother spending the elec./time.
          Best stocks=raw bones and root veg. not over simmered.' You get better stock from 'Better Than Bullion'.

        2. You will get a usable broth - you wont likely get that beautiful gelatinous clear stock that you would get from raw bones or as rich flavored you may get from a roasted carcass but you will get something out of the bones. My suggestion would be to use the bones but not rely on them entirely - up the veg content like you were making a vegetable stock. You will have a tasty broth that you can use as cooking liquid in many dishes including pilafs, soups, braises etc.

          1. If you have a pressure cooker and use it, you will improve extraction....