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Feb 25, 2014 08:46 PM

Good Burgers in Sacramento?

Looking for a place that would have good burgers and/or other casual food in the Sacramento area....

Some place comfortable, where you can sit down and have a leisurely meal.

East of Sacramento would be preferable, like Rancho Cordova or Folsom, but we do have a car, so can go anywhere.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Jamies in downtown never disappoints.
    Taylor's Kitchen is great.
    Scott burger Shack if you're feeling carnivorous.

    1. Ding a ling. Folsom, Sutter Street, Sam Horne's Tavern. Excellent burgers, inventive recipes. best ten bucks you can spend in Sacramento. The Johnny Cash is the favorite but I love the bacon blue cheese burger, unless I order the bacon bleu fries (Which are incredible).. The bacon aspect is incredible, best bacon ever..... everything there is amazing, mostly house made stuff. And they have an incredible beer selection, a beer geeks bar.
      keep in mind it is Beer Week and they have a number of events planned and it is a very small and loud place.

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        I second bennyboy1's Samuel Horne recommendation.

        I've had the Sam's Classic and Nutcase burgers, and they are my favorite burgers in the Sac area.

        The only downside to Samuel Horne IMO: this is a small joint and popular, so it's often very crowded. Getting a seat is sometimes a challenge, especially on a weekend, although I've also see the place jammed on weeknights occasionally.

        1. re: SimSportPlyr

          Thanks for the recommendations, sorry, I'm taking so long to respond. Samuel Horne's sounds really good. Thanks though for warning us though about Beer Week, as it would not have been a good time for us to need to wait a long time for a table. So, it's now on our list to try, the next time we are staying in Sacramento. Thanks!