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Feb 25, 2014 07:32 PM

Going to Stresa in the Piedmont province of Italy on Lago Maggiore

Going at the end of June for 3 nights with my wife and youngest daughter to Stresa in the Piedmont province of Italy on Lago Maggiore and need advice on reasonable hotels and nice dining, mostly casual, but a couple of courses. They have never been to Italy before but this is after a week at a small village in Provence with friends. Also, wanting to go the Sunday market in Cannobio without driving; any advice?

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  1. I can recommend Piemontese for local cusine. It is right in town. La Palma is a great hotel on the lake.

    1. Your family might enjoy eating at L'idrovolante, which is a very informal shoreside restaurant that sits at the bottom of the Mottarone cable car (fun taking to the cool mountains above if nobody is terrified of heights). It has an open air terrace and a pretty view opposite Isola Madre. It is basic food with lots of grilled entrees, but what I especially enjoyed there was a lunch special was homemade pasta with mushrooms, but that was in autumn, so in June you'd more likely find something different. It has outdoor seating and live music in summer.

      I think you can reach Cannobio by ferry from Stresa but it is a long trip (2 hours?) and I am not sure if the market is only in the morning or goes on all day. I think it is all-day, but I am not sure. I have never been because I have read it is zoo. You are wise not to try to drive there (no parking).

      1. Thank you very much for your recommendations. We decided to stay at Hotel Villa Ruscello between Stresa and Baveno. We will be going to the market on Monday in Baveno. Is the restaurant at the top of the Mottarone cable car a good choice as well?