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Sep 26, 2001 10:52 AM

Au petit extra

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1690 Ontario St East. It was recommended by a friend, as a place for us to go during our first visit to Montreal. Have any of you been there recently? If so, let us know your opinion, please.


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  1. i prefer l'Express on st. denis, sit at the bar and dine if u can't get a reservation. The waiters have great knowledge of wines and its a smaller yet very alive bistro.

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      The restaurant was okay. Despite being handled VERY roughly over the phone(we almost cancelled because of it), the food was decent. Good wine list, but it would be nice if they made the extra effort to handle those that may not read or speak French. Tourist money IS money regardless. A bit loud at times and the service was slow, overall it deserves the two star rating it has. We probably won't be going back given the number of truly great restaurants here.

    2. This is an excellent little bistro. A little loud with the business lunch crowd but reat for a late lunch or dinner. I've been there many times and can vouch for the variety of the menu, however limited and constantly-changing it might be...