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Feb 25, 2014 06:53 PM


Where can I buy raw octopus (even better live but I am not holding out hope) in Austin?

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    1. I used to sell frozen Portuguese octopus mostly in and around NYC. Are you looking for fresh, never frozen raw? Good luck finding that anywhere except NYC. If it is being sold unfrozen, it's probably defrosted but don't despair octopus freezes very well.Some people even prefer it frozen because freezing helps tenderize the fish. I know that the Fiesta Mart chain sells frozen Philippine whole octopus. Phillipine octopus is not mechanically tenderized like Portuguese/Spanish is. Just make sure to simmer it until fork tender then shock in cold water first, otherwise you'll have an old tire to chew on. Mexico produces some nice octopus too. So if you have a Mexican grocery store nearby, check them out. Also, Greeks &Italians love octopus so ask them where they source it.

      1. Central Market south usually has one or two on display.

        You sure you're ready for that? ;-) They look much better you blanch them.

        Some HEB's sell frozen chunks really cheap which I use to make a ceviche-like dish.

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          oh I'm ready.

          I wonder if CM forces you to buy the whole thing though, I imagine so.

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            I remember that the price was reasonable compared to the prices on most of their other seafood. That is about 1.75lbs pictured there. I don't think I paid more than $8.