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Sep 24, 2001 11:50 PM

needed!!! mexican food.

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montrealer here with strong apetite for mexican food. After experiencing Picanté in Boston, I have to find a solid restaurant that's not too over priced. Any imput would be greatly appreciated.

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    chris spillane

    for excellent mexican food try Manana on St.Denis and the corner of Sherbrooke (actually alittle north of Sherbrooke on St. Denis)

    Link: http: //

    1. Recently discovered Fandango on Saint-Andre (corner Roy) My wife and I enjoyed a great dinner: Picaditas,mole with chicken, rabbit with prunes in a chile ancho sauce, flan de coco and tres leches. great cocktail list, short wine list but afordable. Parking wasn't easy.

      1. The only place to go for good authentic Mexican is Casa Di Mateo in Old Montreal. I believe that it is on St.Xavier in fron tof the Centaur Theatre.