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Where to get my knives sharpened??

(And no, I'm not taking them to Sur La Table. I used to work there, so I know how crappy they are at sharpening.)

Where can I go to get my knives sharpened by someone who knows what he/she is doing??

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    1. The two places I've gone to and would recommend are Ross' Cutlery downtown. Or Gary's Knife Sharpening service:


      He sets up in a lot of farmers markets and will sharpen your knifes while you shop which is really convenient.

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      1. Where are you located? There's a guy at the Silver Lake farmers market on Tuesdays who does a decent job.

        1. As on the previous board regarding this, I strongly recommend Ross's Cutlery downtown. Not only do they do an outstanding job but they're a couple of doors away from the Bradley Building (always a great visit) and walking distance to the new Central Market.

          1. if the knives are japanese, the japanese knife store in venice

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              I don't know much at all about cutlery (just how to cook), and this question may reflect total ignorance, but is it the case that the Japanese knife store won't sharpen, say, German knives?

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                He will sharpen anything, though the price isn't any cheaper for knives that are easier to sharpen.

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                  Japanese knives are sharpened at 15 degrees while European knives use a 20 degree edge. European knives can be sharpened at the more acute angle, mine are, but they have to be ground down a bit. Not that it seems to matter to the Japanese knife store (see will47 below), but its a cutlery fact for you. http://thebestknifesharpenerguide.com...

              2. Beverly Hills Sunday Farmer's Market

                1. I go to Ross Cutlery because I have nice, but not special knives. They do an awesome job and they absolutely know how to handle Japanese blades. They don't use stones, though.

                  WSG is right about the Japanese knife store on main if you have Japanese knives worth getting hand sharpened on stones.

                  Respectfully, avoid the Farmers Markets and Gary's. I've found results to be relatively poor for the price and the over-aggressive approach on a coarse grinding wheel doesn't do your blades any favors. Think about it, if your knives can be sharpened so quickly as to have them ready by the time your done shopping, well, the knives aren't getting the care they need.

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                    how long do you think it should take to sharpen knives?

                    it doesn't take very long.

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                      Two things:
                      1. It does because there is demand.
                      2. It does when it's done well.

                      Respectfully, you may have had good results with Gary and those at the Farmers' Market. I watched him grind away significantly more metal than was necessary, aggressively so. That means the blade is being worn down too quickly and the blade is being heated too much. That heat causes damage to the blade and the knife will not hold an edge as well. The two blades that I've had him sharpen (grind away would be more apt) were simply not sharp. Not at all. Luckily, they were pretty inexpensive blades (Forschner), but they deserved better.

                      I'm surprised that you recommend Ross in the same breath at Gary's. Having experienced both, they aren't even in the same league. Ross, unless you pay a premium to cut the queue, takes at least a day or two to get your blades back to you. Because they take the time to do it well.

                      All that said, Gary may have improved his skill and technique since the one time I had him work on my knives. I'm just not going to risk him ever again.

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                        I agree that Ross does a better job. I've never been quoted a day or two return time from Ross though. It's more like 4-5 days which for me will likely mean at least a week since it's not very convenient for me to get to their location during the times that they are open on weekdays. A week is a long time to do without your best knife. Taking a knife to Ross will also generally require me to devote an hour to driving and dropping off the knife and another hour to make a round trip just to pick it up. By contrast, I'm at the farmer's market every weekend anyway. Gary does an acceptable job (at least for me) and is very convenient. It's a trade-off in quality for convenience that I'm usually willing to accept.

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                          I didn't like the edge that Ross put on mine (and they do use a belt grinder; the time I went there, they did it while I waited and it was pretty quick). The edge was sharp but didn't last long, and they way they re-profiled it was difficult to maintain for me.

                          I'm seconding the recommendation for the guy in Venice if you don't want to do it yourself.

                          I have seen that farmer's market guy, and wouldn't let him touch my knives with a 10 foot pole.

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                            Fair enough. I like the way Ross sharpens my knives, but they are just nice, not special. But you're right, if I had higher-end Japanese knives then I'd go to the Japanese Knife Shop in Venice. No doubt about it.

                            Re: Ross. They absolutely use belt grinders, but they know what they are doing. They don't overgrind or overheat the blade. It's second rate to expert hand sharpening with stones, but it's still very good. Also, one should never use their expedited service. Yes, it'll get done quickly, but they simply don't spend the same amount of time on your blades. Besides, the extra charge for expedited service get you to close to the price that stone sharpening would run. No point in that.

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                              Yeah, and it's true that there's a place for belt grinders - even a lot of the Japanese places (including the place mentioned above, and Korin), will use a belt grinder if they need to take a lot of metal off.

                              I try to do most of my sharpening myself these days. I am not the greatest, but I try to make myself do it anyway, so that I can get the practice.

                  2. I've never done it, but I always see the sign for knife sharpening at Koontz Hardware in West Hollywood.

                    1. What style knives - Japanese or German?

                      1. The meat dept. at Bristol Farms on Sunset/Fairfax does sharpening. I tend to trust them because they're actually people who spend all day cutting food with knives that they keep sharp themselves, as opposed to someone who also sharpens scissors and cuts keys for $

                        And it's a free service.

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                          Yes, I take all my knives to the Bristol Farms on Beverly…

                          They sharpen them while I wait a few minutes.

                        2. For a mere $1500 you can go to Cebu in the Philippines where, on the sidewalks, there are men pedaling away on partial bicycles with knife-sharpening belts. They do a great job while you are being entertained. LOL

                            1. Two of the best options for doing it yourself are:
                              1. Buy the Chef's Choice sharpener. It will both grind and hone all types of knife blades and it comes with clear instructions.

                              2.Buy the Spyderco sharpening kit (about $100). It has all you need to keep your knifes sharp.

                              Both solutions give you a sharp knife when you need it.

                              1. I took my knives to Hitachiya in Torrance. My knives are Global. Dropped them off and they were mailed back to me about 3 days later. I thought they did a wonderful job. (Not sure how to post a link, but I'll give it a shot.)


                                1. Seriously, how can Nobody here be talking about Tony Swatton @ Sword and the Stone in Burbank?? The man MAKES SWORDS. Not cheap cosplay stuff, like Pirates of the Caribean, Highlander, Thor swords. The man is a legend in the industry. And if you go on Saturday mornings, the only day he does them, he'll sharpen your knives for $4 a pop.

                                  Seriously, the best knife sharpening I've ever had done to my Henckels. Worth the trip, the cost, everything. Go. Now.

                                  1. I had Magnus do my knives and liked the result much more than when I took them to Ross's. Plus he picked them up and dropped them off at my house, and it only took an hour or two.


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                                      I'm glad you mentioned him. I totally forgot that someone, perhaps you, mentioned him in a past thread. I really want to try him out.

                                    2. Buy a coarse/fine oblong stone. Start gently with coarse side, flip it over, then, seriously, imagine that you are the knife blade and caress it across the fine side. After a few times you will be an expert.