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Feb 25, 2014 05:06 PM

Where to get my knives sharpened??

(And no, I'm not taking them to Sur La Table. I used to work there, so I know how crappy they are at sharpening.)

Where can I go to get my knives sharpened by someone who knows what he/she is doing??

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    1. The two places I've gone to and would recommend are Ross' Cutlery downtown. Or Gary's Knife Sharpening service:

      He sets up in a lot of farmers markets and will sharpen your knifes while you shop which is really convenient.

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      1. Where are you located? There's a guy at the Silver Lake farmers market on Tuesdays who does a decent job.

        1. As on the previous board regarding this, I strongly recommend Ross's Cutlery downtown. Not only do they do an outstanding job but they're a couple of doors away from the Bradley Building (always a great visit) and walking distance to the new Central Market.

          1. if the knives are japanese, the japanese knife store in venice

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              I don't know much at all about cutlery (just how to cook), and this question may reflect total ignorance, but is it the case that the Japanese knife store won't sharpen, say, German knives?

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                He will sharpen anything, though the price isn't any cheaper for knives that are easier to sharpen.

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                  Japanese knives are sharpened at 15 degrees while European knives use a 20 degree edge. European knives can be sharpened at the more acute angle, mine are, but they have to be ground down a bit. Not that it seems to matter to the Japanese knife store (see will47 below), but its a cutlery fact for you.