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Sep 18, 2001 11:38 AM

Verdict - Moishe's is the best steak

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I just came back from my trip to Montreal, and had to say that, after having eaten at both Moishe's and Gibby's, the verdict is in: Moishe's has the best steak in the city. We ate at both, and there was just no comparison, either in the quality of the meal or the way we were treated by the staff.

The steak at Moishe's was done exactly the way I asked. It was soft as butter, with an absolutely delectable flavor. I also had a mushroom salad, the likes of which I have never tasted. We had no reservations (Sunday nght), but were seated immediately. The staff was cordial, attentive (but not overbearing), and I loved the fact that they were all dressed in tuxedos.

Gibby's, on the other hand, was a very disappointing experience. It started when we walked in, granted without reservations (it was a Monday night). The hostess was very rude, and told us that she could seat us as long as we didn't stay more than 45 minutes. We were seated next to the waitstaff station, and our waiter was a trainee who lingered over us the entire meal. The steak I had was tough, tasteless, and had grissle running through it. I can't imagine how much they must pay the travel book publishers to rate it the best steak in Montreal.

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