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Feb 25, 2014 04:12 PM

Cooking Seared Duck? Help and ideas!

Hi guys, so my bf's birthday is coming up and I'm thinking of making seared duck breast (medium) which is his ultimate favorite dish!

What sauce would u recommend? I did a bit of research online and the common ones are berry based sauce, fig sauce, pinot noir and (cherry) port wine sauce? Personally, I love chimichurri sauce but I realise that it usually goes with steak, what do think of serving it with seared duck?

I'm planning to do 2 practise dish before cooking it on his birthday! Anyway, I never cooked duck or seared any meat before,

can someone GUIDE me through this, from choosing the duck to trimming and cleaning it and cooking it?

Anyway I don't have a car, so my source of ingredients are from Wholefoods, Target, Marina, Ranch 99 and a small farmers market. Hopefully they sell the ingredients that I need! Also, any idea what kind of veggies to go with this dish too? All ur help will be greatly appreciated!

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    I made this Ottolenghi recipe recently and it was perfect! I'd not done one before and I also wasn't turned on by the super fruity sauces. Loved this.

    1. I made this recipe for Christmas and it was very nice.
      To keep the duck skin crispy, put the mushrooms under the breast rather than on top.
      I got the duck breast from Whole Foods and the only issue for me was that the pieces in the package were not uniformly sized, complicating the cooking time.
      Ranch 99 in my area does have frozen breasts as well as whole birds.
      Good luck and remember to save the duck fat for future use.

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      1. I prefer duck breasts more on the rare side, but any way except dried out is good. Two recipes I used with happy results were one with green peppercorn sauce (pretty simple, and I think from Gourmet many years ago); and another with tart cherry sauce--you could use dried, which was a more complicated recipe with many herbs and other ingredients and takes several steps. Then guests preferred the green peppercorn version. Of course. I liked the tart cherry sauce myself. (hey! I am from Michigan, whaddya expect?)

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          Or, fresh cherries, pitted, mixed with warm ruby port and some deglaze from the pan. Very simple and easy.

        2. Oh ya, I want to cook it medium not medium rare, how do I know when it is cooked perfectly to medium? I do not own food thermometer or any fancy equipment I saw online?

          I saw gordon ramsay seasoning the duck with salt and pepper only, won't it taste bland?

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            130-5 F will give you a Medium. Make sure you rest the Meat at least 15 min. before cutting it.
            It will not taste bland with just Salt and Pepper, it will taste like Duck.
            It is important to score the Fat and cook it to render most of the fat out of the skin. So you do most of the cooking on the Skin side.
            Duck is very versatile. Mushrooms to Raspberries are all possibilities.What are some of your S.O. favorite Flavors or side Dishes? You can Sprigboard off of them.
            Also this should be on the Home Cooking Board

          2. I decided to sear the duck with s&p to medium and serve it with blanched veggies, potato puree and orange apricot reduction sauce. What do you think folks?