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Feb 25, 2014 03:40 PM

Two day trip - recommendations?


My wife and I (late 30s, foodies) will be visiting New Orleans from NYC for a long weekend (reach Friday early morning, leave Sunday mid morning). We plan to have two lunches (brunch at the Commander?), two breakfasts, two dinners and a few in-between/ late evening meals. We are staying at the French Market Inn, and expect to be around the French Quarter most of the time.

We are looking for suggestions. While we are somewhat familar with the restaurant names, we are unsure about which ones to pick, where to eat and which times, which ones to reserve, etc,.

We are also looking to firm up our itinerary - a garden district walk with the Commander meal on Saturday morning is the only one we are clear about. Any other suggestions, woven in with meals, are also welcome.


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  1. Friday
    Restaurant August or Coquette

    Commander’s Palace
    (You won’t be hungry for lunch)
    Le Petite Grocery

    Cafe Du Monde or Olde Coffee Pot

    1. I would look into Sylvain, Cochon, Peche and Domenica for dinner. With a breakfast, lunch and dinner regimen, you may want to do the small plate thing for dinner.

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      1. re: Chulacat

        Thanks for these names. I am wondering whether to do commander for lunch on Friday (less expensive) or brunch on Saturday (more festive, probably better menu, but more pricey). Any thoughts?

        1. re: sidd

          I am the wrong person to ask. Although it is sacreligous on this board to say so, I am not a big fan of CP. I just don't think it comes close to living up to its reputation. That said, I would go on Friday when it is less expensive. Maybe the cost benefit will be better.

          1. re: Chulacat

            Thanks for being a contrarian. I will keep that in mind and not force it if it doesn't work with the schedule. Any other names that you would like to add to the list?

            1. re: sidd

              If you make it Uptown, I really like Boucherie and Dante's Kitchen. Also Uptown, IMO the brunches at Apolline and Atchefaya are great.

              I don't think you can beat Domenica or Luke for happy hour.

      2. We just came back from a long weekend in New Orleans with prix fixe lunches being the theme. Thursday was Commanders Palace, Friday Restaurant August, Saturday Bayona and finished Sunday off with great po-boy's at Parkway tavern.

        Great food and drinks at all locations. We especially enjoyed Bayona ($25/3 course) and Restaurant August ($20.14/3 course + amuse+mignardises). My favorite dishes from each restaurant were the confit rabbit at RA, canellini bean puree and roasted cauliflower at Bayona and shrimp and tasso henican at CP. We also went to HH at Domenica for pizza and drinks. They have some very nice wines by the glass and craft beers. The Enzo pizza was also great for us mortadella fans.

        All meals were booked through Opentable with the exception of CP. We noticed that a number of diners at CP did not have reservations and it did not seem to have a very long wait.

        During a trip in November we had a very nice dinner at MiLa and a great Sunday brunch at Elizabeth's in the Bywater. We've also had pretty good luck at Eat (Dauphine St) for brunch.

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        1. re: sirbybike

          Thank you, this is excellent. Since I have only two afternoons, I am having second thoughts on Commander.

          1. re: sidd

            Don’t have second thoughts. They do an excellent brunch at a fairly reasonable price. One lunch and one brunch is fine.

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              Do not bypass Commander's. Lunch in the garden room is always fun. You will need rsv. While I love Domenica and they have a great HH, NYC can't be beat for Italian food.

              1. re: sidd

                Highly recommend Lunch or Brunch at CP. We went to Brunch and thought it was great. During Lunch you can have the 25 cent Martinis. Spend some time in the Garden District and do a self guided or Professionally guided tour. You won't regret spending the time.