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Feb 25, 2014 03:32 PM

Looking for quiet place, preferably RW

I've been nosing around for quiet restaurants lately, and now for a particular dinner, preferably between 30th and Houston, although it could be further north. It would be great if they were participating in Restaurant Week, too.

So far, I considered Ballato, but their menu was so dull - and actually they were kind of rude, so I dropped that idea. And then I thought of Giorgio of Gramercy. I've never been there, but they seem pleasant, and it's almost quiet. I just thought of Le Perigord, which is no longer as well-regarded as it used to be, but I recall it being pretty low-key.

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  1. The two times I've been to Le Perigord, many moons ago, you could hear a pin drop, the crowd was very aged, subdued and very quiet in their chewing.

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    1. re: Pookipichu

      My family and I have been to Le Perigord multiple times in the past.

      It is quiet, almost too silent for us though.

      The food never changed in three years, so we didn't go back. Food was mediocre. The dessert trolley was quite nice, though.

    2. If quiet is your main criterion, Le Perigord qualifies, but when I was there several years ago I found the food meh and the whole place in need of a makeover. Old school but not in a good way.

          1. re: rrems

            We went there tonight and it was utterly fabulous. What a bargain! The menu even had some new dishes on it, and we did not feel the need to order anything that had a supplement. This is the only RW restaurant we bother with, and they really do it right.

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              Good to hear, rrems, because I'm going there tonight ;) Surprised at the OP's comment on it being noisy because in the many times I have been I have found it quite conducive to conversation, unless perhaps you are hearing challenged.

            1. I found Juni to be deafeningly quiet.

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              1. re: coasts

                Thanks, Coasts. Juni was indeed superlatively quiet. The only problem was that they ended up being too expensive for dinner ($90 four-course prix fixe). However, I love the place and will keep it in mind, so thank you!