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Feb 25, 2014 03:18 PM

Help with an expedition to Yale, please?

I'm planning a day-trip to New Haven, to the Yale University Hospital, on 800 Howard Street, coming from NYC.

And I'd appreciate any guidance on the following:
-Is the bus substantially cheaper than the train?
-Does that neighborhood have a name?
-The office says the train is a 20-minute walk; is the bus depot nearby?
-Is it a risky neighborhood to walk through?

-Food suggestions! As long as I'm going, I was hoping for an interesting little place to have lunch.

Roadfood lists these in New Haven:
1)Louis Lunch: cheeseburger, hamburger
2)Claire's Corner Copier: Lithuanian Coffee Cake, French Toast, Soup
3)Ashley's Ice Cream: Sweet Cream Ice Cream, Coffee Oreo Ice Cream, Hot Fudge Sauce, Vanilla Ice Cream
4)Orangeside Luncheonette: Donut, Chili Dog, Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Philly Burger
5)Sally's Apizza: Fresh tomato pizza, Sausage & Peppers Apizza , Clam Pizza, Bacon apizza
6)Pepe's Pizzeria Napoletana: Fresh Tomato Pie, white clam pizza, Original tomato pie, Original Tomato Pie with Mozzarella
7)Dayton Street Apizza: Chicken Parmigiana Sub, Foxon Park Soda, Sausage Pie, White Clam Pie
8)Modern Apizza: Italian bomb, white clam pie, Sausage & Artichoke Pizza, Pepperoni & Pepper Pizza
9)Archie Moore: Bottlecap Sliders, Buffalo Wings, Honey BBQ Wings, Pulled Pork Nachos

Apart from the fact that I don't know if they're nearby, none of these really grabs me, and I'm not that interested in pizza. I'd be curious if that's a real ice-cream parlor, though.

Anyway, anything nearby that you'd recommend?

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  1. Ashley's has been there since the 70's, named after a Frisbee catching dog. It's a real ice cream parlor, their sweet cream ice cream is the best I ever had. Easy walk from Louis Lunch, you should hit them in a row. I like all the pizza places. Archie Moore is a working class crowd, cool in its own way.

    1. Claire's food is good but her desserts always seemed very dry to me and I'm always disappointed. It's too bad because they always look good. The pizza places are both excellent but they would be a good walk from downtown, not horrible.

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        As would Archie Moore, a Spring Glen bus on Whitney Ave. from Church and Chapel.

      2. If you're a female, I'd be cautious walking around New Haven by yourself at night. Take a cab.

        1. The bus and trains come into the same station. I cannot speak for the buses, but I do use the trains and they are good. I believe that there is a shuttle that will take you to or nearer to the hospital. That area is called "The Hill" and can be a bit spotty.
          There is a large array of food trucks outside of the hospital worth checking out.They are on York St. outside the main entrance. If I had to choose one of the pizzerias, it would be Pepe's another choice and right across from Louis is Bar, a brew pub with while clam pie that rivals Pepe's. I am not a big fan of Modern, they tend to burn too many pizza's. I love Ashley's ice cream and hot fudge

          1. 20 minute walk from the train sounds about right, it's a safe trek during the day. The hospital buildings are on the fringe of what was called the "Hill" neighborhood, tho I think folks are trying to shed that image...razed city blocks on the western side are a reminder of what a hole that area was. Ashley's is a nice stop for ice cream, maybe another 20 minute walk, depending on what building you're coming from. Louis Lunch is something to see, or a favorite of mine is Ivy Noodle....about 10 minutes from Ashley's by foot. There are many surprisingly good food options from the mobile vendors, right outside the main hospital too