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Feb 25, 2014 03:13 PM

Columbus/Worthington during Arnold Classic help.

We decided at the last minute to go to the Arnold Classic this weekend (3/1-3/2). Just an overnight trip and thus we had to book a hotel in Worthington, just above the 270. I imagine it would be easiest to just eat where we are staying and then drive in for the Expo.

Sat night we would like a casual place to eat. Anyone have any experience with Pies and Pints? We are staying next door to the Winking Lizard...I know the Worthington Inn is highly recommended, but we are looking for a little more casual after a long expo day and drive to Columbus.
Sunday AM we need a place for an early breakfast before heading back downtown. The only place I'm finding seems to be First Watch. Any other recs? Any diner/breakfast place that won't be overrun with Arnold fans?
Lastly, we will be heading back north via Marion to Findlay 75. Any place along the way on the route to stop and get a quick bite?

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  1. I haven't tried Pies and Pints but it has gotten some good reviews. Winking Lizard isn't gourmet but fun for a sports bar and the food isn't bad. Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza in Worthington also gets good reviews and Is casual but nice.

    German Village Coffee Shop has a good breakfast and may not be too crowded Sunday. It's not too far from the Arnold.

    1. Thanks Lauren. The German Village Coffee Shop is *exactly* what we were looking for. First Watch seemed a little too….generic for my taste.
      I was intrigued by Natalie's Coal-Fired pizza but couldn't figure out the live music. Seems there is a show with cover every night? I imagine we'd get there around 730ish or fish and would run into the live band, which we have no interest in. Does anyone have any experience?
      Else, Pies and Pints it is with the Winking Lizard as a back up. We will definitely hit it for a beer, as it's walking distance to our hotel.

      1. If you like good beer and are looking for a good selection of beers on tap, the Winking Lizard is a great choice.

        I have been to a Pies and Pints in Fayatteville, WVA and had a really wonderful pizza there.