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Feb 25, 2014 03:10 PM

Buffalo Area Restaurants - help me decide!

Hello hounds,

I'll be making a two-night trip to the Buffalo area for some maternity and baby item shopping in a couple of weeks and would like some feedback on my choices. Hoping to eat some good foodie-worthy meals.

Here are the restaurants I have decided on for sure:

Breakfasts - Amy's Place and Lake Effect Diner

Lunch - Bistro Europa

Dinner - Dinosaur BBQ

And still trying to decide on:

A lunch at one of these places: Coco, Chef’s, Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Betty’s, Osteria 166, Globe Market, Shango, Trattoria Aroma , Santaseiro’s, Blue Monk, Ashker’s or Cabaret.

A dinner at one of these places: Siena, Trattoria Aroma, El Palenque
Grover’s Bar and Grill, Rock Bottom Eatery, Lake Effect Diner, Black Rock Kitchen and Bar or Sun Restaurant.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Without any help from the hounds I have narrowed it down a bit to the following. Advice and comments appreciated!


    Breakfasts - Lake Effect Diner, Amy's Diner

    Lunches - Bistro Europa, Ted's

    Dinner - Dinosaur BBQ

    Undecided lunch - Coco, Pearl Street Grill and Brewery, Globe Market, Cabaret, Shango, Trattoria Aroma, Blackthorn Restaurant, Coles or Wiechec’s

    Undecided dinner - Rock Bottom Eatery, Black Rock Kitchen and Bar, Charlie the Butcher, Coles or Vizzi’s

    Pick up to bring back: Paula's donuts

    Hoping for some help this time!

    1. I can only comment on breakfast at Amy's place about ten years ago and Charlie the Butcher about five years ago. My son, about ten at the time, and I both enjoyed Amy's. Can't remember what we had but liked the very casual vibe and the food.

      I was by myself at C t B's and liked the Beef on Weck I had. A couple of months ago I got to go to Schwabl's and really liked it better, food and atmosphere, but I think they're still closed for repairs. I think there might be another Beef on Weck place that a lot of CHers also like that you may find searching on here.

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      1. re: MacTAC

        Thank you for your comments! Yes, Schwabl's is temporarily closed. Wiechec's apparently has good beed on weck as well.

        1. re: TeacherFoodie

          Just remembered what I was thinking of, Bar Bill's. Think it was for Beef on Weck but maybe Wings?

          When I go back to Buffalo, I will definitely hit Alethea's again for dark chocolate Sponge Candy, but also to check out their Ice Cream.

          1. re: MacTAC

            Bar Bill's seems to be a bit out of the way for this trip but thanks for the tip.

            Dark chocolate sponge candy sounds delicious. Might have to get some!

      2. Congratulations, TeacherFoodie. I'm not sure when you're planning to visit but Bistro Europa will be closing March 31. It's moving from Elmwood Ave. to Connecticut St. (Would hate for you to be left in the cold.) By the way, you've made some solid choices. I recommend eating at Shango, Ashker's, Rock Bottom Eatery and Globe Market.These places are some of my favorites. Dare I throw in a new spot: Brick Oven Bistro and Deli on Abbott Road in South Buffalo? It's not a deli or a bistro, methinks, but has great food for brunch, lunch and dinner. Best Regards. I would skip Lake Effect Diner.

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        1. re: smooter

          Thank you so much for your post! I have eaten at Bistro Europe twice for lunch and love it - luckily we are visiting next week so it will still be open! Shango we had dinner at once (two years ago) and did not love it but I would be willing to give it another try for lunch.

          What would you replace Lake Effect Diner with for breakfast? Back to Amy's again? Need something not too far from the Double-Tree in Amherst, or something on the way from there to Walden Galleria.

          Do you have any advice on where to pick up treats? I'll be going to Paula's (donuts) for sure, and some grocery stores, however I am wondering about Parkside Candy, Alethea's Chocolates, Condrell's, Sweet Jenny's Ice Cream, Bella Mia Chocolates, and Antoinette's.

          1. re: TeacherFoodie

            Personally, I'd return to Amy's, but I must state that I have not been to Lake Effect Diner for breakfast. (Sign me up for "reading for comprehension" quickly.) There is a newish place called Break'n Eggs Crêperie at
            5235 Main St. at Linwood Ave., between S. Forest Rd. & S. Union Rd., just west of the Village of Williamsville),
            "Greater" Williamsville, Town of Amherst,
            634-EGGS (634-3447) but I haven't been there yet. It sounds different from the usual and much-beloved diner breakfast. If you go to Amy's or Lake, you'll be near Parkside Candy, which has a fine selection. I'm glad you mentioned grocery stores, because I buy candy often at Wegmans. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the candy store choices you've listed above.

            1. re: smooter

              Thanks smooter! I plan to go to Tops, Wegmans and Trader Joes. Might go to Premier Gourmet as well.

              The Creperie place looks good - and we'll be there during the week so we (probably) won't have to worry about line-ups.

              1. re: smooter

                I like the Creperie, LOVE Amy's, but the house charcuterie at the Lake Effect should be experienced, e.g. the house-smoked ham & red-eye gravy.

                1. re: WNYamateur

                  Thanks WNYamateur. I'll keep that in mind.

              2. re: smooter

                What do you like at Rock Bottom Eatery?

                1. re: TeacherFoodie

                  At Ruzzine's Rock Bottom, I liked the roasted, stuffed red bell peppers (listed under the gluten-free portion of the menu). My friends loved the clams casino (very large clams, large serving, too) and their burgers looked pretty tempting. We had an excellent server. It was a busy restaurant but she kept things rolling. I was surprised that good, not-all-fried food came out of this restaurant.

              3. Quick report: We were in Buffalo during the crazy snowstorm so one of the three days was spent in the hotel.

                What we did accomplish:

                Shango (lunch) - shrimp po' boy and fried chicken sandwich. Both were delicious. Definitely recommend Shango for lunch.

                Dinosaur BBQ - I had a pulled pork sandwich and he tried the three item platter of pulled pork, ribs and brisket. The sandwich was great and on the platter he liked the ribs the best. We had mac 'n cheese and corn for sides. I liked the corn better. He enjoyed both. The mac 'n cheese had a bit of a kick.

                Trader Joe's (no it's not a restaurant but we picked up salads here the day before the storm to eat in the hotel room during the blizzard) - I had a Thai peanut slaw with chicken which was totally awesome and he had a Santa Fe which he really enjoyed. We also had some homemade salsa, nacho chips, spinach and kale dip, pita chips and Cowboy Bark from Trader Joe's. Everything was very good - the Cowboy Bark was so good that I bought two more bags of it the next day.

                Wegman's Market Cafe (Amherst) - had lunch here on the last day - I had a fish fry and he had a muffaletta from the sandwich shop. It was great. What a great place to grab lunch! So much choice.

                Also had a couple milkshakes from Anderson's - YUM!

                I loved shopping at Trader Joe's - the store is not very big but it is packed with great items. I really liked that it had a neighborhood feel to it. Wegmans was also great for grocery items but the store is enormous! The donuts there did look good but I didn't end up getting any... next trip I guess.