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Feb 25, 2014 03:02 PM

How early to reserve at Hosteria Giusti in Modena

We'll be in Modena for one night in late May and want to have lunch at Giusti. How soon do we need to reserve? Is it still as wonderful as in years past?


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  1. My understanding is there are only 4 tables. I suggest contacting them sooner rather than later.

    1. What are you waiting for? You're lucky if you can get in at this point. Best wishes.

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        Depending on how the tables are set, there can be six tables. On any given day, you can get in very easily because not many others have reserved. We've been there a number of times when we have been the only ones, or when there have been only one or two other tables taken. We've been there when it was full. As rrems said, try to reserve now.

      2. Grazie tutti-- I emailed directly to Giusti and got no response so I emailed our hotel (Cervetta5) and they cofirmed a reso for us.

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          you really cant expect a quick reply on enquiries like these to Italian restaurants, we were able to obtain a reservation via email at Giusti few years back...but Im glad you got the res anyway

        2. I wrote back to Giusti that the Hotel was making the reservation for us. They wrote a really nice email back.
          So, we have our reso and good vibes, too.

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          1. Are there any recent reviews of Giusti? I have a reservation but I'm wondering if I should keep it. I'd prefer to keep my average meal in E-R more affordable.

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              Do you really think it would have changed significantly? Unless a restaurant changes chefs/owners it is going to stay the same. No need to agonize over "recent" reviews. This is Modena, not Rome, Paris or New York.

              Enjoy your meal.

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                I dont recall Giusti as all that expensive - the food is so rich in E-R you are unlikely to want more than two courses each, perhaps a dessert to share. Their cured meat plate is really excellent (something to try all through the region, since the presentations and mix of meats differ from place to place)

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                  Thanks for the replies. I'll keep the reservation.

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                      Late April. I'll let you know how it goes.

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                        Just to follow up--we had a fantastic meal. People without reservations were turned away but one party was seated outside.

                        Lunch lived up to the reputation. We started with Gnoccho Fritto, saying they are light pillows of fried dough really doesn't do them justice. They are served warm topped with a few different salumi, prosciutto, salami, pancetta and lardo, all melting on top. Eaten with your hads they would have been enough for me--so much flavor and so satisfying. We also had a zucchini sformato (flan?) with crispy prosciutto. To avoid continuing to say amazing and delicious, I'll just list the rest of what we ate: Tagliatelle with guanciale sauce and a kind of pulled room temperature pork with warm balsamic caramelized onions. We drank 2 kinds of Lambrusco with it--a light one first and then a fuller bodied dark purple one with the heavier dishes. Ken had to have the chocolate pudding for dessert which was super dark and he loved it. I had a grappa from Piemonte. Giusti is totally family owned and opperated. It runs like a well oiled machine.

                        Thanks for the help chowhounds!