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Feb 25, 2014 02:59 PM

Ogunquit/ Hancock/ Bar Harbor/ Southern Coast essentials

Im staying in Hancock this summer and am looking for:

Essential Ogunquit lunch spot. This is our 1/2 way point lunch stop.

Hancock breakfast, lunch or dinner. Any price point and any cuisine.

Bar Harbor standouts? Any price point and any cuisine.

Southern Coast Essentials? Where MUST I go if Im on the Southern Coast?

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  1. Not sure where you're looking at for Southern Coast - Portland? York? Ogunquit?
    I happen to love Ogunquit but if you're going just for lunch without any intention of spending at least some time checking out the town, I might reconsider, not because of the food but because of the traffic. You can get crushed on Rte 1, especially on the weekends - this town is not "easy off/on". Other than that, I'll let those more familiar than me direct you to the best places to eat there and in Bar Harbor.

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      I agree that going to Ogunquit in the heat of summer can be a bit of a traffic detour.. If you plan on spending a couple of hours (including the hour getting on and off the highway) then I'd take take the shore rd from York to Ogunquit. This will spit you out at Perkins Cove. One of our all time favourite quick hits is a chili dog and maybe a chowder or steamers at the Lobster Shack and then a stroll on the Marginal Way. For an off and on hit, you could do Stonewall Kitchen (haven't eaten there)

    2. Thanks, Bob. Ogunquit is where we stop for lunch after the 5 hour drive from NYC. Then we head North.

      1. It isn't Ogonquit, but Kittery Point has the most perfect lobster pound right on the water IMO (well, except for Two Lights iand Bite Into Maine in Cape Elizabeth, but further south) - Chauncey Creek!

        The Bar Harbor standout is unquestionably Mache Bistro. Outstanding French, wonderful service, lovely new space. Avoid Fathom, very uneven in both service and execution. Cafe This Way is wonderful for both breakfast and relaxed dinner. Acacia House is sometimes open for non-guests breakfast and is perhaps the best in town. Morning Glory for wonderful bakery and Lompoc for lunch/bocce ball.

        For the Southern Coast, Arrows of Ogonquit stands out as the best. Lunch at Chauncey Creek and dinner there sounds perfect to me.

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        1. re: capelizzie

          Arrows is closed/for sale minus the brand, FYI:

          Mark and Clark have MC Perkins Cove as well as new-ish MC Spiedo at the Renaissance Hotel in Boston, tho.

          1. re: sultanaboudreau

            Yikes! I had heard they had closed for winter but didn't know it was for sale! Will keep an eye on that.

            1. re: sultanaboudreau

              MC was awful and pricey the last two times we went. Maybe they will pay more
              attention to it now that Arrows has closed.