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Feb 25, 2014 02:51 PM

Loire and Paris in April

My boyfriend and I are looking forward to spending some time in France in late April. We'll be doing some light biking and exploring Loire, spending one night each in Tours, Ambroise, and Blois, and then heading to Paris for six days. While in Paris we'll be staying in Le Marais and in St Germain. I've been reading the boards but haven't yet put together an itinerary, and I would love suggestions. In particular, if there are special places that we should book reservations at immediately (if we still can), that would be great to know.

We love food (of course), and will enjoy pretty much any type of cuisine, but are hoping to experience as much authentic "very french" food as we can while we're there.

Would love any advice on where to go and what to eat... thank you!

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  1. You might want to do a word search for "bistro" on this board, and read the numerous threads that come up. A search for bistro-fare should certainly help steer you to the authentic "very French" food that you are seeking. But your query is so broad that it will be hard for people to tell you "where to go and what to eat," since peoples' tastes vary so much.

    1. Did a similar bike trip in the Loire a couple of years ago spending 2 nights each in Amboise and Blois. Didn't find much memorable food in Amboise but had 2 great dinners in Blois - one at L'Orangerie du Chateau and the other at Bistro du Cuisinier. Very different restaurants but both quite good.

      1. Roxy:
        I agree with baushkern that your question is too broad to get our juices going.
        As for the Loire, my last trip's dining experiences are here

        1. No personal experience, but l'Herbe Rouge, a little southwest of Blois, is on my list of "if I'm in the 'hood" places to visit. Was recommended in a Michelin article on small, soulful country places that has sent us to some of our best finds. It was described as a historic country cafe reincarnated as a bucolic wine bar beside the river and amid the fields. Closed Mondays.