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Feb 25, 2014 02:24 PM

Okonomiyaki in the East Bay?

Folks I've got an urge for okonomiyaki and I don't want to have to travel to Japantown or the South Bay.
The nice ladies who work at Yaoya-San in El Cerrito told me to make one using a mix ... but I figure it's cheaper and better to just order one in a restaurant.
Any help? thanks

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  1. Iyasare and Ippuku have had it on the menu, call and ask.

    Unfortunately Norikonoko is closed for repairs.

    1. I doubt it will be cheaper than making it at home.

      1. I've yet to see it on a regular menu anywhere in the East Bay, but there is a list of all the SF and SJ restaurants as well as home cooking instructions here - it's quite easy to make! Good luck.

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          Thanks for pointing out this great Okonomiyaki site. Certainly clears up a lot of questions, and provides great information.

        2. Iyasare's version is very delicate, very soft. Currently with Dungeness crab, Yama imo, shiitake, savoy cabbage, bonito flake, mentaiko aioli, chili ponzu. Chef Shotaro Kamio's cooking at Iyasare is tending towards the subtle with clean natural flavors, very light on the sauces and the salt - in fact, on the one we had this past Friday (Feb 21st) you could hardly taste the aioli or ponzu.

          Our party (all Asians) loved the uni risotto, for example, but a couple of non-Asian friends who love Japanese restaurant food, were dining separately at the same time we were, and thought the uni risotto was too bland and dull.