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Feb 25, 2014 01:32 PM

what happened to dungeness crab season 2014 in los angeles?

so i typically cook live dungeness crab a lot when they are in season between november and may, but this year i have yet to see even one live crab. just called around and no one seems to have any. Ranch 99 in Van Nuys has very few and didn't have any the last two times I went there last month. tried three other places, including tried and true Korean markets in Northridge and Downtown and they have zero in stock. what the heck is going on on? this is the middle of the crab season! SantaMonicaSeafood has them frozen for $12.99/lb which is a ridiculous price. thoughts on where I can pick some up before Sunday?

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  1. this was the case last year too. I too am always looking for live crabs around this time of year.

    1. Around Xmas they were plentiful and cheap - now the price has risen and they are harder to find. But they are out there!

      Try Woori (now LIttle Tokyo Market), 99 ranch - both had them for valentines day. Good luck and report back!

      1. I have seen them at 99 Ranch in Van Nuys every time I have been there in the past few months. Price is higher than it has been in recent years but they have had them. Not sure how reliable their website is, but here is a link to the seafood category, Good luck!

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          Do you remember the last price you saw?

          1. re: JeMange

            The price I was quoted 2/14 was $8.99 a pound live (i.e. $9!)

            I'd gotten them for $5.99 a pound two months earlier.

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              PS - for valentines day, I ended up taking advantage of Ralph's 50% off sale. Previously cooked dungeness for $4.99/5 a pound versus Costco's 6ish a pound (I think 6.99).

              Not as divine as fresh, but, pretty darn good.

          2. Quality Seafood on the International Boardwalk adjacent to the Redondo Beach just got some in, but if you didn't like the price at SM Seafood then you are definitely not going to like the prices at Quality ($15.99 per pound).

            1. thank you for all the replies. i've been doing my own research as well and find that there are some macro forces working to reduce the supply of crab:

              1. the chinese - dungeness crab are being bought by the planeload and flown over there. )


              2. the japanese - some fears, whether real or imagined, about the crab supply there being a little radioactive has lead to a surge in demand.

              3. the crab season has overall had down years last year and this year.

              4. finally the crab industry realize they can make more money if they freeze more of the crab immediately and sell them year round. it is expensive and tricky to ship live crab around.

              so this is all very alarming and i'm sad.