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Sep 3, 2001 08:46 AM

Montreal article

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Help, you Montrealers:

For an article I'm writing this week on What's Doing In Montreal, please name/describe your 5 fav restaurants (relatively easy to get to), 4 places where you love to visit (off the tourist path), and 4 stores great to shop.


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  1. fave restaurants:

    Casa Tapas (rachel east)

    Chao Phrya - thai -(laurier - just above st. Laurent)

    Au petit Extra (Ontario E)

    Ristorante Lucca (Dante st. off st. Laurant)
    Cabane (St. Laurant - above Pine - a real dive with excellent cheap food)

    Pane e Vino (in old mtl. only open for lunch - great food - great prices - it is always packed - I think it is on St. Jacques Street or Notre Dame)

    Cafe - Open da Night - St. Viateur near Waverly - best coffee in town - $1.50 for a latte served in a glass. You can bring in your own food - try St. Viateur Bagel
    next door - or the little italian bakery down the street - serves eggplant parmigianna sandwiches to die for.

    Bar: Else's on Roy (east of St. Laurent) - cool atmosphere - great staff - excellent drink selection.

    Luba Lounge on Bleury (just below park)

    Places to Visit - the whole area near st. Viateur street - Montrealers call it Mile End - the neighborhood is a cool mixture of potugese,hassidic jews, and montreal hipster types - lots of interesting laneways to walk down and great food all around. (including the original St. Viateur and Fairmount Bagel shops!) Try Kilo on st.viateur to buy food for a pick-nick - they have everything and it is all delicious.

    Gay Village - St. Catherines (East of Amherst) lots of good restaurants (try La Strega for good, cheap Italian) and funky shops. L'androgene is a great bookstore on Amherst - there is also a good BYOB cous cous place on Amherst.

    The Word - second hand bookstore on Milton st. near Parc.

    Cinema du Parc - reperatory theatre in the mall at Parc and Prince Arthur

    Hope that helps