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Avocado ideas

It seems reasonable to start here, with the vegans on ideas for a little dressing up of a plain avocado. Sometimes in the AM, to avoid eating more breads and cereal, I like to just cut an avocado in half, salt it and eat it.

What I am looking for is some simple ideas that would make it a little more interesting to eat than with just plain salt. Maybe some of you can suggest a little dressing of some sort or a simply prepared topping.

Looking forward to your ideas.

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  1. I tend to eat avocados pretty much like you, 'cept for that I like to add a very generous squeeze of lemon juice & lots of fresh ground black pepper.

    It's fabulous, of course, in many salads with citrus. And with shellfish....but that's not vegan, sadly. I also love a salad of avocado, chopped celery & tomatoes with a balsamic soy dressing.

    Hot sauce works well, too.

    1. I love a sprinkle of spike instead of salt. I think its yeast, herbs,chives..

      Classic squeeze or lemon or lime is always good.

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        Ooh, a fellow lover of Spike! I have not tried this on avocado, I must. It does something wonderful for tabbouli.

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          Teague, if you like spike try adding instead it to your "tofu eggless egg salad" which goes well on toast with sliced avocado or by itself

          here are the ingredients i use:
          diced firm tofu (i like the san diego brand that wf carries)
          vegan mayo (i like the shelf stable 365 brand at wf)
          diced celery
          diced carrots
          turmeric powder
          very small amount of diced red onion
          nutritional yeast (to give it the savory undertone)
          salt (tiny amount)

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            I think I recall this recipe from a job I had at a food co-op deli in Austin. Something similar anyway. Thanks! I like tofu, will try this.

      2. Squeeze of lime or lemon, pinch of salt and cracked pepper, sprouts and/or baby arugula or watercress. It's a bowl meal in itself. A drizzle of olive oil is also good for the greens. And a slice of tomato. Perhaps a slice of cucumber. I put it in a bowl or on toast, but I don't mind a small amount of carbs...

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          The metallic/acid quality of sumac is also good if you want something different from lemon or vinegar.

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            interesting. I usually use sumac with meat dishes or olive oil fried eggs.

        2. Are you looking for strictly vegan? If vegetarian, as an ingredient in a taco is good. Rice, beans, salsa, cheese and avocado.

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            agree with the taco idea and would add that burritos made with whole grain tortillas, avocados, beans, and an assortment of terrific salsas make for a very satisfying meal.

          2. Chopped avocado, tomato, onion with salt, pepper, and garlic, and a squeeze of lime to season. Basically it's an unsmashed guac but still tastes pretty darned good and can be done in less than 3mins.

            Use the leftovers to make a guac for the next meal.

            1. I have been wanting to try this - Avicado Buttercream Frosting - http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/al...

              1. diced and mixed with grapefruit sections

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                1. To accompany an entree, grilled (or broil) the avocado. I think I borrowed the idea from a Chowhound article. I was quite skeptical but I really enjoyed it. I cannot grill at my place but I'd imagine the smokiness would add a great flavor to the avocado.

                  1. this will probably sound crazy but try it at least once: chunked avocado, with fresh mango chunks, dried coconut and salt. if you want to make a full-on meal, you can also add: cacao nibs, sliced almonds and lemon juice if you need it a bit wet.

                    balsamic vinegar and salt

                    white miso, maybe a splash of soy

                    mae ploy sauce

                    are these answers weird? sorry...ignore if needed: breakfast is a bit of a free-for-all with me!

                      1. Avocados make awesome smoothies.....
                        Blend 1/2 avocado with fresh spinach, blueberries, and enough milk/almond milk to get the thickness you like.

                        Or, banana avocado soft serve. Blend chunks of peeled frozen banana with the 1/2 avocado.

                        Crack an egg into the hollow of the avocado and bake until set how you like it. My sister has hot avocado issues and makes these (baked thru) and then chills in the fridge- if covered tightly in plastic wrap there is minimal discoloring.

                        Topping a plain avocado half with a squeeze of lime, salt, and fresh cilantro is delicious.
                        Also try with smoked paprika, cumin, herbs de provance.....

                        Mash into a quick guacamole and make lettuce wraps for a carb free handheld version.

                        The avocado pudding recipes are very breakfast worthy as well, here are a few versions:

                        1. Cut in half, remove pit and put in a scoop of fresh salsa or any salsa that you like...REALLY delish...just eat it out of the skin with spoon...one of my favorites! Also, half an avocado makes a lovely salad dressing ... put into a bowl and mix in some balsamic vinegar (red or white) and blend with fork and pour over dark leafy greens...no oils are even needed here since the avocado has beneficial fats for us!

                          1. An alternative idea is to grate off a bit of the pit, wait a few minutes, and then marvel at 1. the only fluorescent orange natural food I've ever seen and 2. how horribly bitter an avocado pit is.

                            1. In the morning or for an afternoon snack I like to smear half an avocado on some type of grainy/nutty/seed-packed cracker. Crunchy+smooth and creamy. You could definitely use a light wasa cracker type of thing.

                              It's so simple- the combination of sliced avocado, sliced orange (a really good one) and a small handful of toasted walnuts- everything eaten together. Good on top of raw kale too although I usually switch out the walnuts for pepitas. Or use both.

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                                And I can't believe I forgot this one...wrap a sheet of toasted nori around a fat slice of avocado sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and a few drops of tamari/soy sauce. You can add a spoonful of rice, tofu, edamame, carrots, or anything leftover lurking in the fridge but the seaweed+avocado+sesame combo always does it for me and it's a really fast snack/breakfast.

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                                  I don't know why I've never thought of seaweed with avocado given how often sushi is paired with avocado. Neat idea.

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                                    This is exactly what I love to do with a nice, ripe avocado! The seaweed+avocado+sesame+soy sauce is a winning combination, with rice optional.

                                2. Avocado and Tomato with a little balsamic vinegar and a touch of olive oil. You can sprinkle it with some vegan feta cheese on top.

                                  Avocado and Strawberries dressed in balsamic vinegar

                                  Avocado, Cucumber, carrot and onion with rice wine vinegar a a touch of olive oil.

                                  1. I know this is really basic, but I just recently tried avocado mashed and smeared on top of toast for the first time. It is much more creamy, delicious and mind-blowing than I could have envisioned.


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                                      Yes! Recently discovered this myself and am a huge fan. Simple but delicious.

                                    2. With bread: Toasted bagel spread with coconut oil, add a sprinkle of salt, topped generously with avocado, sprinkle of salt and pepper. Slice of tomato optional. Sublime.

                                      Without bread: avocado, banana, cocoa and agave blended into a healthy chocolate pudding. Yum!

                                      1. Thanks, folks, for all of your suggestions. I am not a vegan, more of an omnivore, but thought that this site might be more experienced in doing things with veggies. I definitely will try some of your ideas.

                                        One thing I have done, to make a contribution to my on thread, is to fill the cavity with good soy sauce, or tamari.

                                        Good eating, y'all. ( Been watching too much Josh Besh)

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                                          John Besh filled the cavity with soy sauce ?

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                                            Since you're not vegan (an pleading with regulars on the board for indulgence) substitute avocado for mayonaise in tuna fish and chicken salad, i.e. mix avocado mashed with lemon juice with chunks of leftover chicken or with tuna or leftover cooked white flaky fish and - assuming low calorie, high fiber is your goal - eat with sliced tomatoes or wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves.

                                            Avocado will also make almost any green salad into a great salad.

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                                              Ah , omni here too,and I do eat vegan meals often, try mashed avocado with brisling sardines, a little citrus, some scallions, on toast or crackers...Alton Brown as some more specific lists ...

                                              1. Over the weekend i had a wonderful avocado toast that was drizzled with tahini and then a sprinkle of sea salt and red pepper flakes- the tahini and avocado flavors were amazing together and the pepper just was enough to be warm- great combo!

                                                1. The problem I have is that every time I plan to do something interesting, I cut the avocado in half, seed it...and then a spoon appears and the darn thing vanishes!

                                                  I know? right?

                                                  Luckily, it's a "good fat".

                                                  Since you are looking for ideas:

                                                  Whip up a quick omelette and add the avocado and some salsa.

                                                  Or...Mush it up with (pre-cooked) brown rice, some shredded carrot and shredded purple cabbage. The soy sauce recommendations here sound great. here! Toasted sesame seeds add crunch. Eat it in a wheat tortilla if your eating plan allows that, otherwise, dump in a bowl. Mmmmmm.

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                                                    "cut the avocado in half, seed it...and then a spoon appears and the darn thing vanishes!"

                                                    So true! When I get avocadoes, I try to get more than what I think I need.

                                                  2. I love avocados!
                                                    Toasted pumpernickel and avocado.
                                                    Right now I having been eating a tomato avocado salad almost everyday. The protein is either crunchy chickpeas or skinless boneless chicken thighs.( I see you are not vegan).
                                                    The salad is just diced tomatoes diced avocado a little onion garlic cilantro jalapeño cumin lime juice.
                                                    The chicken or chickpeas are spiced with the same spices plus paprika. Browned in olive oil.
                                                    I actually like the chickpeas more than the chicken.
                                                    Sorry, I hope I don't offend anyone.

                                                    1. I've been positively addicted to a very simple salad of tomatoes, chopped celery, and diced avocado, tossed in a dressing of olive oil, balsamic and soy sauce. Somehow, all those flavors come together fabulously.