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Feb 25, 2014 11:03 AM

CA Olive Oil recommendations

Later this week I'll be visiting Napa/Sonoma/Mendocino. Can you guys recommend local olive oils for us to look for/taste? I'd like to bring back a few bottles. Up to now, one of our favorites is from Les Baux/Maussane in France, but I'd like to try a spicier one, too. Many thanks!

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  1. I've been buying DaVero's oils and vinegars for a few years and really, really like them. Especially the Meyer Lemon oo. They're just outside Healdsburg and have a nice tasting room. They also make wines.

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      I like DaVero as well. There are several olive oil producers in the Napa area -- Round Pond does tours and tastings. There are also several olive shops/tasting rooms in Napa and St. Helena.

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        We like them so much we joined their wine club (which usually includes some OO and other food items) and visit there every time we can. They figured out their growing conditions are identical to Chianti so everything from wine to OO has an Italian flare.

        It's a small winery in West Dry Creek (a great area to explore BTW) with a great story, an organic farm and sincere intent. Their events are genuine and their staff is great. They produce a wonderful product!

        I first heard of DaVero many years ago sitting at the bar at Babbo in NYC (Mario Batali's place). It was late and both the Somelier and chef were having a casual drink. When they heard we were from No Cal, they insisted we head up there to sample the wares they said are their favorites. We listened and have never regretted it.

        In NV, their are 2 Olive Oil houses on the main drag in St Helena and don't forget to stop at Oxbow Market in downtown Napa. I am sure you will have the opportunity to taste some good oils there as well.

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          I'm not the OP but agree with you on everything :) And the main drag in SH is fun for us food types, isn't it?

      2. This time of year you might still find some of the local olio nuovo around.

        Sonoma Market in Sonoma is a good place to look.

        1. Thanks for all of these wonderful tips! I am definitely looking for the 2013 pressing. We'll be staying in Healdsburg and Napa and Elk. Any oil out in Mendocino, or forget it?
          Thanks again for your help!

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            There's some olive oil made in Mendocino County. You'd probably find a selection at the local grocery stores, which are mostly small, independent with lots of local products. That's discussed on the California board (no SF Bay shore in Mendocino county).

          2. I really liked the olive oil from Napa Valley Olive Oil Mfg Company in St. Helena. Prices were reasonable and cute little shop.

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              Ah, NVOOM Co, a long forgotten OO. Will have to go by!!

            2. My favorite olive oil producer, Lucero, has recently opened a tasting room in Napa. Haven't been to that location, but their tasting room in Corning (the original) is awesome! They have some unique flavors, including chocolate olive oil, and their balsamic vinegars are great.

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                Thanks to everyone! Having now returned, I can report that local friends arranged a tasting at Round Pond (Napa) for their oils ($42/head, with some wine and veggies, etc for tasting purposes.) A bottle of their Blood Orange oil came home with us. But we really enjoyed stopping at DaVero in Sonoma, which is due to the reccos here. Great stuff.
                We were able to get the Nuovo plus two bottles of the Meyer Lemon that had just come back for sale and was on "allocation" only 2 bottles per customer. The kind folks there told us that Batali no longer buys from them as they simply can't keep up with the quantity he demands. Love the small producer! Thanks again, folks!

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                  I just got my two bottle allotment also :) She says people get absolutely crazed worrying and wondering when it's coming in :) I got the nuovo also and some champagne and red wine vinegars. Good stuff.

                  Thanks for reporting back. Paying it forward is a good thing.